Stilettos and Diapers: Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Meal planning has given me back so much time with my family. I used to spend endless time looking through the pantry trying to decide what to make for dinner, then making last minute trips to the store for the things I didn't have. I was introduced to eMeals and it has changed how dinner works around here! I used to spend time on the weekend to plan my menu, but now I just print my menus and shop. It also saves me tons of money. Those last minute runs to the store quickly add up. 

We are now eating clean and it can be tricky to figure out the right foods. eMeals gave me all the recipes I needed and introduced me to some healthy foods I hadn't had before.

If you're interested in eating clean but have no idea where to begin, I can't recommend eMeals enough! Even if you're a "clean" pro, it never hurts to have a whole bunch of fresh new recipes! 

eMeals offers over 50 meal plans to fit all different diets. You can even pick your plan based on the store you shop at to save money on your food bill. For around $5/month, you can make your meal planning simple with eMeals! 

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