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About Us

Hi! I'm Molly. I'm a born and raised southern gal, who has been displaced to all parts of the country and currently find myself in the Charlotte 'burbs. I grew up a preachers daughter and was homeschooled all the way through graduation. My first big venture out of my sheltered life was when I went to nursing school. I survived, and now put that nursing license to good use on my boys scraped knees and bumped heads. I plan to get back to actual nursing once my boys are in school.

I love cooking, wine, and all kinds of crafty projects. I love to run and have raced in 2 half marathons. I adore fashion. Shoes, big purses, jewelry; the more the better. I own an online jewelry and accessory boutique, Molly Suzanne, to help fulfill my intense desire to shop. 

I am 100% boy mom and this family of mine is my entire world. 

I met the hubs when I was 17. We were married 4 years later and will celebrate our 11th anniversary this year. Babies we were. 
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The hubs is a yankee. A damn yankee, as my confederate fighting grandpa said. He was born and raised in New York, in the same house his entire life, before meeting me. I made it 4 years in NY before his job moved us to San Francisco for 3 years, DC for 3 years and now 3 in Charlotte. 

He towers over me at 6'3" and loves the NY Mets and Jets. The pickiest eater I've ever met. He's a born salesman and can talk his way out of anything. He works a lot from home, which is wonderful. And forces us into frequent conference call purgatory. 
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This kid, oh the soft spot my heart has for him, the one that made me a Mom. Cooper William was born April 27, 2008 at 9lbs 2 oz. He makes me laugh all day long. He loves math, dancing, art and his beloved iPad. He played 2 seasons of soccer, 6 seasons of baseball, basketball and flag football. He enjoys selling you on his way and frequently will offer a "deal" when he's told to do something. He's been a Momma's boy all along, until recently, it's all about Dad. They like to wrestle and do boy stuff. He's in 3rd grade this year and is being an overall rockstar in school. 

Callan Joseph is my little love. He was due on my Birthday, 11-11-11, but was born 11-1-11. Even at 38.5 weeks, he was 8lbs 10 oz and 22.5" long. He's 5 and is bigger than his brother was at this age. I like to think he's prepping to be a linebacker. He's a mellow guy that's happy pretty much all the time and has the kindest heart. He loves baseball, school, doing anything his big bro is doing and anything dangerous. He's often caught jumping on the couch, sitting on a table, or diving over the back of a chair. He's going to be my wild one...

Our third boy, Lincoln James, was born September 4, 2015. He is super mellow, but I'm not sure he has much choice. We go all the time and he's super content going along for the ride. He loves Mickey Mouse, adores his big brothers and it just about to take off with his walking. 

If the sun is out, you'll find us on the lake, or pulled up to an island with a bonfire. I grew up on the beach and although we never boated then, I love it now. It's so fun to live near a lake here in Charlotte! 

My family is big. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I'm totally a typical middle child, growing up sandwiched between 2 sisters. When my younger sister was 12, my parents decided they wanted more kids. Along came my younger brother and sister. 1 of which I delivered. Those poor kids grew up with 4 mothers and my brother will forever know how to treat a lady. My oldest sister has 3 boys and a girl and I love being an Auntie.

My parents are still in southern Georgia, along with 2 of my siblings and our most common meet up spot is on the beaches of 30-A. 

Stilettos and Diapers started as a hobby to connect with other Moms and document my life for family. I love that I still love it and that 8 years later, I have this amazing online journal. Thank you so much for stopping by! 
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  1. Hi Molly,

    I work on behalf of P&G and I would love to discuss with you further how we can work together. If you’d be interested, please contact me at


  2. I've been blog stalking you, reading all about your cute family!! Your boys are adorable, and close in age to my two boys! Oh and I make big babies as well. My 2nd was born 12 days early and weight 8.12lbs at birth. Yikes. lol.

  3. Just stopping by after following from Bloglovin'. Hello from another mom of all boys :)

  4. Ya'll are such a precious family! I am attempting to do a giveaway for emeals and they sent me over to your blog to read your giveaway as an example. I am so glad they did, because you are just precious! My husband is a salesman who towers over me as well! Those boys are unbelievable adorable! I just looked at your jewelry and it's so pretty!

  5. Just stopped by from BlogLovin! Already in love with your blog! So many things to relate you with! I am also a "Boy Mom" trying to build my business bigger and blog about my amazing, crazy & chaotic life!!

  6. wow i admire you and your sense of style. your oldest was born just 3 days before my daughter. she was supposed to be born 4/28/2008 but i went 3 days passed my due date. my son is about your little boys age. he will be two in April. i admire moms that do fashion blogs like this because it allows the moms of the world to give a peak of how life is as a mom and fashion lover. i also have a blog, however, i do not discuss my kids in mine. i am just more private that way...well it is mostly aimed at the feeling of being Imperfect and the pressures to wanting to be perfect. i have struggled with self image issues all my life and wanted to design a fashion blog that shows my style, my love for fashion and that any woman, mother, single, what ever size you are to discover your body will never be perfect if you keep thinking it is imperfect. i want to highlight imperfections as a way of accepting one's self. i am revamping the content of my blog in April and plan to have a "Thursday's Imperfection" post. i will highlight some topics of body image, skin issues, hair issues, and point out that thinking we are perfect is a path to our own destruction, to love our Imperfections is what will make us Perfect. anyway i hope you can take a peek of my blog. stay beautiful and i think your family is so adorable!

  7. Your family is so utterly adorable. Excited to look through your blog--we fashionable (I at least attempt) mamas have a lot in common with two little guys at home. Oh, and I absolutely love your term of "conference call purgatory!"


  8. We gave your blog credit for the image. Maybe will result in a few more visitors for you, thank you!


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