Stilettos and Diapers: Father's Day Gift Guide


Father's Day Gift Guide

Have you started your Father's Day shopping yet? I haven't! Ahhh! But I feel like I have a lot of good ideas for your man. Problem is, I've already purchased most of these for my husband! But that just means I'm sure they'll be hits for you. 

1. Boat Shoes - I LOVE how these shoes look and The Hubs wears his all the time on the boat. He's been wearing them for a couple seasons now and they're holding up well.

2. Decanter Set - If your man likes any kind of liqour, there's no better way to store it than in a decanter. A little monogram just makes it more special. 

3. Sonos Speaker - I think we have 3 of these around our house and they will always be a top gift suggestion from me. You can sync them to play the same music, or separate songs at the same time in different rooms. Totally worth the money! 

4. Monogram Beer Carrier - There are many weekends that we walk to neighbors for a little BYOB hangout. My Hubs isn't a beer drinker, but if your man is, this is the perfect way to bring your booze in style. 

5. Charging/Storage Station - Instead of having to look all over the house for your things in the morning, how nice is this station that holds all the essentials?!

6. Portable Charger - The Hubs and I both have one of these and they are fantastic for charging on the go. I use mine on the boat, at the pool or when I'm just out for the whole day. 

7. Key Holder - Another station type thing, this one hangs on the wall and I think it looks so cool! 

8. Oregon Trail Game - I got The Hubs this for Christmas last year. We both grew up playing this game on the computer and it's such a fun nostalgic game to play now! 

9. My Dad Rocks Glass Set - Whisky on the rocks never made a Dad's heart so proud!

10. Robe - Y'all know I love a good robe, but guess what? Women aren't the only ones who dig a little cozy! 

11. Nike Pullover - You can't go wrong with a Nike pullover. For cooler summer nights or cold weather weekends, your man will sure get some good use out of this classic. 

12. Stitch Wingtip Shoes - If you have a trendy guy, these are SO COOL. I love the detail and they will add a serious bit of style to a work outfit. 

13. Bluetooth Record Player - Hipster meets technology with this bluetooth record player. Looks like the classic, but functions with much more ease. 

One thing I forgot to add in my image above, is a Nest thermometer. It works electronically and even be controlled with Alexa! Which I think I need!

If you have any suggestions for others, feel free to drop them in the comments below! 

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