Stilettos and Diapers: Why Every Wardrobe Needs Shapewear


Why Every Wardrobe Needs Shapewear

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included shapewear as compensation. 

Pssst. I'm letting you in on a little secret. It's a secret that shouldn't really be a secret at all. But here it is. 

My drawers have all sorts of shapewear in them. 

Some of you just rolled your eyes. I know I'm not a big person. At barely 5'2" and weighing about the same as I did in high school, it may seem crazy that I would consider wearing it. But I do. And you should, too.
Why, you ask? Ever see those gorgeous celebrities in pictures, with their dress just right and their bits all tucked away perfectly? It's because they're wearing the right stuff underneath. An amazing outfit only looks so amazing, if it's fitting properly and worn with the right undergarments. 

So, let's talk all shapewear. What types I recommend and what you need to wear each type with. 
A shapewear dress top of my list of necessities. Barely thicker than a slip, this type of shapewear smooths everything out. Love handles, baby pooch, yesterday's just creates a nice, smooth shape, while adding to an hourglass figure. It also helps to smooth any panty lines you may have if your dress is very form fitting. 
I wear a shapewear slip under fitted bodycon type dresses and y'all. There's a night and day difference with it on and off! 
I also wear them with dresses that cinches in at the waist. I don't like when I feel self-conscious about my stomach and the slip shapewear is just an easy fix. 

The side detail on this ASSETS Red Hot Label by Spanks is so pretty. It's a light rose color and makes me feel super girly!
The tank shapewear is another favorite of mine. If you're wearing a white tank underneath a shirt, why not make it serve dual purpose? I wear mine a ton if I'm going to be wearing any type of fitted top. This one is by Maidenform and is called fat-free dressing tank. Hehe. It also comes in nude and black! 
This is one of my favorite shirts. It's peplum on the sides, but is fitted and gets tight right above the pant line. You know, right where muffin top hangs out. To fix that problem, I wear the tank, tucked in, to create smooth lines. 
Last, but absolutely not least, is the shapewear shorts. This was the last type of shapewear I ever wore and once I tried them, I wondered why I had waited so long! These are a high waisted boy short by Naomi & Nicole from Kohl's. 
This dress is one of my favorites for summer. It's not tight at all, but is very clingy when you move, showing pantyline like whoa. The solution? Shapewear shorts. Seriously, they're very comfortable, smooth everything out and keep those thighs separated in the heat. Don't y'all laugh. You know it's like summer problem #1! 
The shorts come in handy under a dress that might have a low back, plunging neckline, or just won't work with a slip type. 
I also wear these when I wear a short dress, or one that likes to blow in the breeze. Have you ever had your dress blown up in the wind? Yeah, it's mortifying. So throw some shapewear shorts under these types of flowy dresses and I promise a Marilyn moment won't be the worst thing ever. 
 photo 4ad7bfb5-60bd-4def-9d9d-ebfa38204ca5_zpsrhdybjbz.jpg

Have you ever worn shapewear? Do you think it's as essential as I do? Kohl's has a fantastic selection to choose from and their always great prices. You can also check out their shapewear guide to learn more! 

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I feel SO much better when I have shapewear under my clothes! xx

  2. Amen, sister! Shapewear is a total lifesaver -- especially when in a pinch!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  3. I'm all about wearing shapewear! That's a great idea wearing it when its windy out!

  4. My post-baby body needs these items asap!


  5. Oh I couldn't agree more! Shape wear is an essential part of any wardrobe!


  6. Shapewear makes me feel amazing and with society today sometimes I need a helping hand

  7. This post was go great! I loved that you showed examples of what you wore each piece with. Finding a great piece of shapewear, even for skinny girls is key for a smooth silhouette .


  8. I love shapewear! It def makes me feel a lot better about wearing certain items!

    Sarah Lindner

  9. Shapewear is a lifesaver with dresses! ESPECIALLY bodycon!

    How 2 Wear It []

  10. This post was so great! I actually own zero shape wear (I know!!!), and I keep hearing about how much it helps! Totally going to invest in some now!

    Happy Friday!


  11. I will have to try some of these out! Also, where is your orange dress from? LOVE.

  12. Great post! I love shape wear!

    Xo, Lauren from

  13. I swear by my shapewear! Especially after 3 kids.


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