Stilettos and Diapers: Mom Fitness Motivation


Mom Fitness Motivation

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours held the last games of the season for both my big boys and tonight starts playoffs! I'm the crazy cheering mom, who may like to yell at the ump a little. Hehe. We also had a grown up boat night with some friends, which was so nice and relaxing. It's a whole different feeling to be on the boat without worrying about making sure little people are sitting on their butts!

Today, I wanted to chat a bit about fitness with y'all. I'll be honest with you. Fitness for me kindof ebbs and flows. I get into the swing of things and then I back off. I put on a few pounds and then go hard core. It's a struggle keeping a balance, but that's exactly what my goal is. I don't want to live my life feeling like I'm restricted, but I want to be healthy for myself and for my family. I love racing my boys and knowing I can keep up in a wiffle ball game!

 Here are a few sure fire ways I use to get myself motivated that I want to share with you!

My Workout Motivators:

New Workout Clothes - I am completely obsessed with Carrie Underwood's line, Calia. I got my first piece, simply because I really love her music and I thought it was cool that she had clothing. Well, I got hooked. I've gotten several pieces and I love them all! 
A different, more playful brand I'm loving, is Hippie Runner. I mean, we all need tacos, right?!

Hydrate - I really try hard to keep up my water intake. But, I get so darn bored with it! I'm a big fan of seltzers and if you pour it over ice and top with a fun straw, you might even feel like you're enjoying a mid-day cocktail. 

Meal Plan - I know I probably sound like a broken record about this, but I can't preach it enough. Meal planning is my biggest and most powerful tool for staying on track. It prevents the last minute fast food run, relieves stress of "what's for dinner" and also saves on my monthly groceries. I wrote this post on my monthly meal planing years ago and plan to update it really soon. For now, though, it's still got my tips on how to start! 

Document - I'm a big list maker! I love checking things off and my workouts are no different. I like to make a calendar and check off as I finish my workout. I also think it's very important to take pictures and write down your measurements so you can really see the changes in your body. I love to see a difference in how my clothes fit, but it's also great to have hard evidence!

Find "Your" Healthy - There isn't a diet, meal plan, or workout program that works for everyone. You have to find that thing that works for you. For me, my diet goals are gluten, dairy and sugar free. Basically a Whole30/Paleo type diet, but I do brown rice and beans. That said, I'm an 80/20 type gal. I eat pizza with the family on occasion and just had my favorite burger over the weekend. Which brings me to my next point...

Let Yourself Live - I hate calling it a cheat meal or day, really, because that implies doing something wrong. I think it's not only right, but a good thing, to not live completely strict. If I put so much pressure on myself to eat a certain way all the time, I find myself craving the things I'm not "allowed". If I know there is a certain time I can have a little something, it makes it better. Sometimes I don't actually give in, but it's nice to know I "can". 

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Today, I'm teaming up with Heather of My Life Well Loved and Kristy of Seven Graces Blog for this week's Naptime Power Hour post! We're all talking fitness as a mom and what works for us. Tomorrow, at 1pm EST, we'll be back on Facebook Live to chat and answer any questions you have about fitness, body after baby and healthy living. 

Here are the past week's post, if you're interested in checking them out: 

Hope to see you tomorrow on FB Live! 


  1. Those leggings are seriously SO cute on you mama!! xo

  2. Love this outfit!!! I need that tank for sure. ;) I am so with you on all of this!

  3. I love those leggings- I'm also all about fun workout clothes!

  4. Balance is so essential! I think it's so important to be happy and healthy!

    Love these leggings!

  5. Love love the Calia line!! I'm always completely drawn to it whenever I'm in our local Dick's Sporting Goods store! Great fitness motivation tips as well!

  6. Yes meal planning is so important and really helps me stay on track!

  7. Such a cute fitness look! I need to put more effort into what I wear to the gym!

  8. Love the leggings and I totally hear you about trying to find the balance with workouts.

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  10. You are giving me all the motivation! Thanks for sharing!


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