Stilettos and Diapers: A Georgia Weekend


A Georgia Weekend

Lincoln and I drove down to Georgia last weekend to celebrate my brother and sister graduating from high school and with their Associates degree. They were homeschooled, just like I was, and were able to dual enroll for the last couple of years. It was so nice to be together with the whole family and to get to celebrate with them! 

This is the original 7 members of my family! 

There's a big gap between the 3 of us older girls and the 2 younger kids. The dynamic is different than most families, but it's wonderful! I'm currently trying to get both of the younger ones to move in with me! 
My parents still live in the same town my dad was born in. Where they lived when they were newlyweds. Where my grandparents are buried. We moved around a ton when I was younger, but I lived here for a bit as a teenager. It's small and there isn't much to do, but it has so much charm and so many memories. 
On Friday night, we got together with lots of extended family at my Aunt and Uncle's house for a southern style BBQ. Potato salad, banana pudding and glass bottle coke were all part of the menu. We sat around and sang while my brother played guitar and caught up with everyone we haven't seen in awhile. 

Saturday was the graduation ceremony. I didn't expect to see much of it since I had Lincoln, but they were streaming it on a big screen, so I didn't miss anything. Even my baby sis belting out the National Anthem. 

Not sure if we have an "overly excited to document moment's family" or what, but our whole herd was out taking pictures long after everyone else had left! 

The sis directly younger than me, Whitney, makes the prettiest cakes and made a cute graduation hat for the day. 

That night, we drove over to Tallahassee, FL to eat dinner at Harry's Bar and Grille. It was my first time and it was delicious! Didn't hurt that they had $5 margaritas in their happy hour while we waited, either! 

After dinner, we spent a bit taking some pictures and checking out the plaza before we headed home. I was so happy to get some good shots of my brother and his cute girlfriend, my sister's little ones, my baby sis and Lincoln! 

Graduation day also happened to be my sister's Birthday, which we celebrated with another cake made by Whitney! This unicorn was so impressive! 

There's nothing like time with family and I'm so grateful that I got to spend some time with them! 


  1. wow, those cakes are great!!

  2. You have a beautiful family. Your sister's cakes are very nice!


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