Stilettos and Diapers: Easter Weekend and Spring Breaking


Easter Weekend and Spring Breaking

Happy Tuesday! We're currently enjoying lots of family time on vacation at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation. It's shaping to be one of my favorite family trips ever! Before we left, we had a fun Easter weekend and here's a ton of pictures to prove it! 

We started Spring Break with ice cream from the truck before dinner. Sometimes we like to live life on the wild side! 
Friday evening, we had our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. I'm technically the coordinator for the event and I was totally stressing about the 135 people we had coming! I had some great help and the event went perfectly! 
My sweet husband volunteered to be the Easter Bunny when no one else would do it. People over 6' don't fit properly in the costumes, FYI. 
On Saturday, there was an Easter event at Callan's school and it was incredible! They boys had tons of fun with egg hunting and some huge inflatables. 

And we followed that up with some fun in the sun on the lake with friends. 
Nothing like waiting until the last minute for some egg dying! But at least we got it in before actual Easter! 

Easter morning was great! I love fun decorations for every holiday and was up late setting everything up. The boys woke up early, so excited to see their baskets.

Our Church had a pretty backdrop set up for pictures, so of course I had to have one! Lincoln wasn't having it. Whoops. 

After we got home, the tripod with Mickey Mouse pants tied to it worked a little better! 

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