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Mom Confession: I Have A Favorite

I know you're not supposed to. It's a parenting no-no. But when you have 3 kids, you just start to see what your favorite things are. And I have a favorite. 

A favorite age that is. The 16 months - 2 or so age makes me weak in the knees. This is the age that Lincoln is right now. I don't love him more or less than my other boys, but this 18 month old gives me all the heart eyes. There's just so many sweet things they're learning and they really aren't doing naughty stuff yet and it's just so darn cute. 

They way they learn to say "mama" and run to me with the little wobble run.

The way their chubby thighs look in shorts. 

The way they can still look just like a newborn when they're asleep. 

The fascination with everything, as they're understanding things around them for the first time. 

It's actually making me think about the other boys at that age and I decided to take a trip down memory lane. Putting them side by side makes me realize just how similar they look!

Cooper in Disney and at the beach. 

Callan on the swing for the first time, in DC and on Easter. 

Lincoln's 18 month pictures, over Christmas break and at the beach. 

See what I mean? That squishy baby toddler phase is just the best! I do only have up to almost 9 years old now, so I may develop another favorite in the future! 

What is your favorite baby age? 


  1. This is why I want more babies! I love ALL the ages. I adore the newborn sleepiness and squishy bodies, first smiles and coos. I also adore the learning to crawl, clap and squeal. and then there is the learning to walk, say mama, do all the big kid things. 2 is rough! 3 a bit rougher and better. 4 amazing, mom is still the most amazing thing in the world. That is all I have - so when they grow bigger I will probably have a favorite age again! right now they are all my favorite:)

  2. I agree, this age makes me want more! I have an 18 month year old and I can not get enough of her smiles, walking/running, learning how to talk, running to me...


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