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Littles Style: Boy Mom Valentine's Day

What's one awesome perk about being a boy mom? Yesterday, I had not one, but four Valentines!
I think the day has a special place in my heart because of the girly factor. I don't see the color pink a lot, so it's okay for me to go overboard when I can. 

One of the hardest things I've found with having 3 children, is making sure that everyone has enough mom time. Working from home, the general duties of running a house, plus being a wife and mom makes for a busy life! I've been trying to be much more intentional about my time and take opportunities to spend individual time with my boys as often as I can. 

Yesterday, Callan and I spent naptime baking, while big brother was at school. He was really into it for about an hour and I really enjoyed the time of just us. He talked more, showed me how he does the cupid shuffle and got to lick the spatula all by himself. 

When everyone else was home in the afternoon, we opened gifts, decorated, then ate all those cookies. We did a cheesy fondue night with the whole family, followed by a bottle of wine for me and The Hubs, while challenging each other to jeopardy after the boys were in bed. 

A couple big things have happened around here in the last 2 days. On Monday, Lincoln said "I love you" for the first time. I cried, because well, that's my thing. I've been much more sentimental seeing things happen with him, since he's our last baby. I just know how fast time goes by and I will miss (and simultaneously not miss, haha) these baby days! 

Another huge thing, was that Cooper gave his first Valentine gift to a girl. He's had it about 3 weeks now and has been looking forward the time to bring it to her house. I watched from the backseat of the car as he walked to the front door and stood waiting, with his gift behind his back. I snapped pictures through the window, because I was so proud of him and also because I couldn't believe the baby I seemingly just brought home from the hospital, was the one there, looking like a teenager. It also made me realize that I'm only going to be my boys main girl for a time. And that's okay. I look forward to girlfriends, fianc├ęs and wives. I need a little girliness around here! But I want to make sure I soak up every moment that it's just us. 

Me and my boys. 
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