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Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt

Happy Valentine's Day! This outfit is not festive and neither are the pajamas I'm still in right now, but I love Valentine's Day just the same!

I got this cold shoulder sweatshirt a couple weeks ago and it's become a go to. It's soft and cozy like a sweatshirt, but the ruffle and shoulder detail make it work for a much dressier event. And you'll love's under $15 right now! 
Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt with corduroy pants

Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt under $15

Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt with corduroy pants, wedge booties

Comfortable spring transition wedge booties

Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt with corduroy pants

J Crew Matchstick cords

Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt with ruffle

Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt with corduroy pants

I've had these corduroy pants from J Crew for a couple years now, but rediscovered them in my closet purge. I decided to give them a whirl one more time before the spring officially hits! I was surprised to see they have them again this year, but only a few sizes left. I did find some plum colored skinny jeans that aren't cords, so you could get a lot more wear out of them! 

Valentine's Day is going to be a slow paced one here. We had a fun morning with pink cinnamon buns and have big baking plans this afternoon! That is after we make a special delivery to a special girl. How is my 3rd grader giving Valentine's gifts already? It's so exciting to me! 

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  1. love this cozy look!

    xo Emily

  2. Great post! Love your cute look, that cold shoulder sweatshirt is perfect styled with those wedge booties. Adorable pics...killin it, girl!

  3. This top is so cute! I love the ruffle detailing on it too! Happy Valentine's Day :)

  4. What a pretty top!! I love the cold shoulder detailing and those ruffles are the cutest!!

  5. This is the cutest little ruffle top! I also love the cold shoulder detail - the perfect blending of two trends!


  6. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day pretty girl! Love your top!

    How 2 Wear It []

  7. What a fun little sweatshirt! Can't get enough of the cold shoulder trend :)

    xo, Kristina

  8. Super cute! I love anything with a ruffle on it! xo


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