Stilettos and Diapers: Christmas Break 2016


Christmas Break 2016

I didn't really go into the holiday break with expectations about what I would be posting (or not) here, but day after day passed and we were just too busy having fun to tell you all about it! We did a whole lot of Christmas movie watching, game playing, sleeping in, baking and eating. And some more eating. It was great and relaxing. Here are the more photo worthy moments. 

Cooper's school has a winter shop where kids can go buy gifts for their families and it be a secret. Well, he took it upon himself to buy some nice things from Cooper, to Cooper. One being a selfie stick. We had to try it out and I was actually impressed that everyone is looking and smiling! Who knew those annoying things were really good?!
This was my outfit for Christmas eve church. I love this cold shoulder dress by Cooper & Ella and I had to wear my festive red heels! They are from last year, but I'm loving these and these
Christmas morning started off a bit rocky, with 1 of our children up at 3:30am, then 5:30am, and it wasn't Lincoln, so.... We finally caved and let them down at 6:45, even though it was still pitch black outside. I love this blurry shot I got of them running by me. There was a lot of excitement! 

I had to do matching jammies for them and I'll keep it up as long as possible! I love 

Lincoln was more interested in eating Santa's leftovers than opening gifts. 

I made quite a few festive cocktails over the break time. How cute are the little tree stirrers? 
This planner was one of my favorite gifts. It's from Costco and it has everything in it! I did see a smaller version on Amazon here if you're interested. 
We did celebrate Hanukkah a little bit, too. My mom's family is Jewish and while we don't do much, we enjoyed lighting the Menorah each night. 

My family came for a night on the way back to Georgia from my sisters house. It was nice to exchange gifts and see them! One thing I got for my sis is this mug that says "coffee is my boyfriend". Haha. 

The Hubs sister and her family came for a night as well, on their way from New York back to Florida. I love being in Charlotte and being the hub for everyone! We decided to get out on the lake since it wasn't too cold out and the kids had a blast taking turns driving the boat. It was a bit colder than we expected, so we only lasted a couple hours!
We spent NYE with a ton of our neighbors. I wasn't sure how Lincoln would do going out after his normal bedtime, but snacks and Mickey are all it really takes for him to be happy. 
Who doesn't love some photo booth fun?!

We hung out until about 10pm, when the 25 or so kids gathered for the Netflix countdown. It was really loud and super cute. Haha. After that we headed home for the ball drop in our jammies. 
This was the view at approximately 12:05am. 
On New Years Day, we went to see Moana. It was really cute and I only had to miss about 15 minutes to let Lincoln do a few laps around the halls!

We spent the afternoon with our neighbors again. It's so great to have so many sweet gals close by! 
We finished the day off with good luck black eyed peas! I don't remember a year of my life not eating them. 

So that's a wrap! I have a whole host of things I want to write about, including an upcoming Whole30, some of my 2017 goals and some life/motherhood stuff I've been pondering lately. I used to write a lot more and I haven't done as much of that lately, so this year I plan to get back to it! Happy 2017! 

Pssst. If you have Christmas money to spend, today is the last day of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale!

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