Stilettos and Diapers: A Snow Weekend Wrapup


A Snow Weekend Wrapup

Happy Monday! Our weekend didn't quite go as planned, but it was fun anyway! My mom came up on Friday for us to head to Asheville for my friend's 30th Birthday celebration. Well, Friday afternoon, the white stuff started falling. 

We decided to make our decision about what to do the next morning, depending on how much we actually got. Well, we woke up to about 8" of a beautiful, winter wonderland! But it also meant a state of emergency and the governor begging people not to drive. And since they don't plow our neighborhood and one of our neighbors almost took out our mailbox in his truck, we decided to stay put. 

After a ton of time outside on Saturday, we spent Sunday inside and warm!

But if you're going to be stuck inside, what better thing to do than to CLEAN!? My mom and I spent about 6 hours in my closet. About 20 pairs of shoes, tons of bags and 4 massive trash bags of clothes are headed out and it feels so good. 2017 is my year of less stress and for me, that means less stuff to stress about. 

This morning, Marmie headed back to Georgia and we're staying cozy since school is cancelled. I'm guessing we have another day or even 2 of being home, but that means lots of pj time and hot cocoa! 


  1. Thinking of visiting NC ( visiting a new state = goal for 2017) Ashville is the closest town to me at 6.5 hours. I'm in Tennessee. Would you recommend it and if so what all is there? Thanks in advance!

    1. I've actually never been to Asheville! It's on my top list of places to visit soon, too! I am in Charlotte and there is a TON to do here!


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