Stilettos and Diapers: October 2016


What's In My (Fashionable) Bag?

I'm always so curious about what's inside of people's bags. What are their must haves to carry around on a daily basis? Motherhood has changed the contents of my bag drastically and now it's 90% kid stuff! I just got this beautiful new diaper bag from the Rachel Zoe collection for Quinny and I'm loving it as my go to. It's so pretty that I don't mind carrying it all the time! It doesn't hurt that it matches Lincoln's Moodd stroller, either. (You can see my review of that here!)
Quinny Moodd, Rachel Zoe Diaper Bag
Rachel Zoe Diaper Bag
Let me tell you all about this bag and my favorite things to keep inside. First off, I have a couple diaper bags I've used without a zipper up top. It's not cute. Haha. I like to be able to hid when my bag inevitably becomes a mess! This one has cute leather tassels on each zipper. 
Rachel Zoe Diaper Bag
 Rachel Zoe Diaper Bag
Now that I officially have a toddler, here are my must haves for my bag:

Quinny Moodd, Rachel Zoe Diaper Bag

My little man loves to eat just like his big brothers. I always have bars, yogurt pouches, fruit and veggies pouches, goldfish and rice cakes in my bag. The Quinny diaper bag comes with an insulated pouch for food and I keep everything in there so it's easy to grab quickly. 

Diapers & Wipes
What's in my Rachel Zoe Quinny Diaper Bag
This one really goes without saying, but having a bag with pockets on the sides is so helpful so that you can see when you need a refill! 

Change of Clothes
Rachel Zoe Quinny Diaper Bag review
We spend a lot of time in the car and on the go. Lincoln will often need a change of clothes after anything from spills or blowouts, to getting filthy at the ball field. I like this little wet pouch for putting icky clothes in instead of dirtying up my bag. 

Rachel Zoe Quinny Diaper Bag review

This may be a hot topic, especially for a 1 year old, but if you've ever tried to watch 2-3, 2 hour baseball games each week, while holding a baby, you understand the need for a screen. Linc and Mickey spend their quality time together during games! I got this rubber tablet case and use diaper bag hooks to strap it right to the stroller handle. 
Rachel Zoe Quinny Diaper Bag, Moodd Stroller, Hook iPad to stroller

I typically don't need much for myself when we're out. I stick to my favorite lipstick: Butter London Lippy in Tea With The Queen, lipgloss: Rimmel in Non-Stop Glamour and my Michael Kors card pouch
Mom Essentials in Diaper Bag

Fashionable Baby Gear with Quinny and Rachel Zoe
Being able to wear this diaper bag as a shoulder tote or backpack makes it easy to carry when my arms are full. There is a special insulated pocket for a drink and plenty of exterior pockets for keys and my phone. I love that my baby accessories can really be an extension of my clothing accessories. Quinny and Maxi-Cosi do a fantastic job giving us fashion loving moms just that! 

Shop my favorites:

Shop my outfit:

Happy Friday, y'all!

This post is written as part of my partnership with Maxi-Cosi and Quinny. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


October Crush

Our temperatures will be in the 80s this weekend, but we've had just enough chill to have me in total fall mode. I'm not going to complain, though. The Hubs hometown in NY got it's first snow of the season today and I still can't believe I made it living there for 4 years. I'm way more cutout for the NC fall! 

My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and I may have a few fall friendly things that I've had my eye on, like this gorgeous coat and this fun sweater and these cozy joggers

I'm one to typically buy myself something for my birthday (isn't that awful?!) so I know I'll soon be the owner of several one of these things. Hehe. Happy Thursday!


Leather and Sleeveless Sweater Weather

I have found the ultimate southern girls answer to cozy, chunky knits. The sleeveless sweater! Wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but after a cool morning turned into a pretty warm afternoon, I was very happy with my choice. 
How to wear leather leggings with a sweater
Sleeveless sweater tunic, leather leggings

Leather leggings, sleeveless sweater

My attempt at leaf throwing...
Olive and black style for fall
Didn't quite work, but whatevs.
Stilettos and Diapers Fall style

Versatile black booties, leather leggings

Sleeveless Tunic Sweater | Leather leggings, old, similar here | Sunglasses Prada via Ditto (use stilettodiapers for a free month) | Rachel Zoe Quinny Diaper Bag c/o | Booties, last year, very similar here and here 

Shop the look:

I'm on a total leather kick right now and think I should update this pair of leggings I have. I want to try this Spanx pair, actually. I feel like they would be thick, which is always my goal with leggings! I actually dressed this pair down last night with sneakers, a white tee and a long cardigan to go to the ball field. You don't have to go dressy just because it's leather!

How do y'all feel about leather leggings? 


Friday Favorites: Halloween Looks

This was a very long week around here and one that had very little down time! I'm really excited for some cooler temps and not a ton of plans this weekend.

I can't believe next weekend is Halloween already. Seriously, where did October go? I love to be festive for the holiday, but don't often dress up. We do have a costume party this year, but I'm still on the fence on if we're going and even then, if I'll dress up!

On Halloween night, I be trick-or-treating with the boys in something fun! Here are a bunch of cute options if you do the same thing. And don't worry, you can get them all before Halloween! 

Trick or Treat Sweatshirt | Boo Tee (kids size, but I normally wear a small and bought a Large in this) | Here For The Boos Tee | Bat Scarf (available in 3 colors) | Cat Ear Headband | Jack-o-lantern Tank | Boo Tee | Frequent Flyer Sweatshirt (available in 3 colors and different sayings)

Shop the looks:

Cooper has his next playoff game tonight and I can't wait to cheer him on. If they win tonight, they go to the championship game! 

Do you dress up for Halloween?

Have any last minute costume ideas if we go to the party? 


All About That Food: What I Eat Everyday

The question I get asked most lately, is what I eat on a regular basis. I am in no way a food blogger, but I sure do love to cook and have grown to love a really healthy way of eating. After our Whole30 in the spring, we've changed a lot about our eating habits and what I buy at the store. Here's the breakdown for you.

This is my mudroom bench after a bulk grocery haul. With 3 growing boys in the house, I always start at Costco or BJs to buy as much as I can. I get basically the same things each week, then go to Whole Foods or a grocery store for more organic things or things I don't buy in bulk.
I like to stick to a basic protein, veggie, fruit, potato kinda "diet". (Keeping in mind that red wine is definitely a fruit.) Corn chips, rice cakes, rice and beans are occasionally in the plan. And I let myself eat "fun" food for sure. I just like to have it away from home so I'm not tempted to eat more. 

Veggies: We eat vegetables at virtually every meal. I buy a frozen pepper and onion mix and use that often for breakfast. Makes the morning prep much easier! I also get lots of fruit (just didn't need much on this specific trip!) white and sweet potatoes. I love using coleslaw in my salads to mix it up a bit and I eat an avocado almost every day. 

Meats: I'm pretty picky about the meat I buy. I get wild fish, organic beef, uncured, nitrate free bacon and hot dogs (Applegate or Pederson Natural Farms), organic chicken sausages (I like Aidells brand the best) and Applegate oven roasted turkey from the deli. (The prepackaged one has nitrates, but the deli one doesn't.)
Flavor: If you eat bland food, it gets I buy roasted red peppers, pepperoncini, saurkraut and lots of spices. They keep the meals interesting and different. 

My kids drink milk and cheese and eat snacks just like any other kid. I really try to only get cereals that have no colors or dyes in them and I'm working hard to avoid TBHQ and BHT. At the end of the day, they're kids and I'm not saying no to everything. I just try to keep the "healthier" stuff in the house and let them have treats in other places. 

I took some pics of some of my recent meals. Some of them look more appetizing than others, but I wanted to show you some of my usuals. And if you want major food overload, follow me on Snapchat, (stilettodiapers) because I post a LOT of food there. 

I eat a big breakfast. Usually 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado and veggies of some sort every day. I like the frozen pepper/onion mix and I'll throw in spinach, mushrooms, prosciutto, leftover potatoes or sweet potato cubes as I have it in the fridge. 

Fried eggs, sweet potato and pepper hash, avocado.

Over easy eggs, avocado, potato, spinach and peppers.

Frittata muffins with prosciutto added, I also make this casserole version. 

Usually salad of some sort. I love an antipasto salad with olives, prosciutto, pepperoncini, purple onion and tomato. I drizzle it with olive oil and red wine vinegar. I like to put Wholly Guacamole on my salad because it works like a dressing. The most important part is making sure there is enough protein and fat so that you feel full! I keep boiled eggs and deli turkey in the refrigerator and they're both quick options for topping a salad. 

Antipasto salad

Buffalo chicken salad in lettuce boats, veggies, guacamole

BLT lettuce boats plus turkey, fruit

Always protein and veggies, sometimes potatoes. I'm obsessed with my KitchenAid spiralizer. I have seen that Whole Foods carries a lot of already spiralized veggies now! Lemon garlic chicken zoodles are a favorite, and my boys love when I make "curly fries" with potatoes and just bake them with olive oil. We do a lot of basics, just improvising. Taco salads, burgers in lettuce buns and fajita bowls. 

Lemon Garic Chicken Zoodles (I replace tomatoes with roasted red peppers)

London Broil, sweet potato wedges, asparagus and roasted tomatoes

Pork loin, green beans, saurkraut, "curly fries"

I avoid dairy and gluten for the most part. But I do drink coffee creamer and I won't say no to the occasional trip to the ice cream store, or pizza night! Holidays are for eating all the things and if I find myself thinking about a certain food, I eat it. Otherwise, I'll eat everything in the house! I try to keep to my typical habits 80-90% of the time. That's when I feel the best, but don't feel deprived. I'm itching to do some fall baking soon and while I make substitutions (like honey for sugar), I totally eat some baked goods! 

Hope that answered your questions! Let me know if you have anymore! 


Utility Romper and Floppy Hat

I was a big fan of the romper during the summer and my love has continued into fall. The nice thing about here in Charlotte, is that I can probably get away with shorts for another month or so. Adding in booties and a floppy hat make it a little more fall like, without adding too much warmth. After all, our high will be 83 today! 
Fall Romper, Floppy Hat, Booties

Floppy Hat
Utility Military Romper, Floppy Hat, Booties
How to wear a romper in the fall

Fall Romper, Floppy Hat, Booties

Gigi New York Clutch

Fall Romper, Floppy Hat, Booties
Fall Romper, Floppy Hat, Booties

Photos: Amanda Overmyer Photography

Utility Romper (another cute option under $35) | Clutch c/o Floppy Hat | Booties: last year, nearly identical here and here | Monogram Necklace | Round Sunglasses

Not feeling the romper? I saw a really cute utility dress that is the exact same look. We can all admit, it's way easier to go to the bathroom in that! 

Shop the look here: 


12 Months of Lincoln

Yeah, my baby is 13.5 months old now, but I think that is the normal time to post a third born's 12 month pictures, right? 

I love having every month side by side. It's insane to see the size of this little babe over a year! It 's also quite obvious that I don't use photo shop and have some seriously weird coloring in my house. (FYI, if your builder has energy saving something or another windows, you get a nice blue hue in your pictures!) I should probably have someone who knows what they're doing make them all the same color? But hey, I'm far from perfect, so why should my pictures be!

Onto my sweet man. 

The photo shoots got harder and harder with each month. I was basically chasing him around my bedroom with the camera for these! But some of the unexpected ones are my favorite.

12 month stats: 

Weight: He was just 22 and holding steady at his 12 month checkup a bit over a month ago. He had gained quite a bit since then. Trust me, my back feels it! 

Eating: He's gotten to where he throws anything he doesn't want right off the tray, which is totally fun. His favorites are peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt, rice cakes, bananas, peas and eggs. He seems to hate melted cheese, just like his big brother! 

Likes: Mickey Mouse is his jam. He shrieks in the store anytime we see Mickey anything. He loves rolling the ball, emptying my kitchen cabinets, being outside and playing with his brothers. 

Dislikes: He was getting into so much stuff that I set a big octagon baby gate up in the living room. Well, you can imagine how much he hates being in there, no matter how many toys he has! Outside of that, he is a super content baby! 

New this month: He understands what's happening when we are in the car line to pick Cooper up from school and starts wiggling and talking when he sees the kids come out of the building. He is saying "Per" and "Cal", which is the cutest thing ever. He took 2 steps towards me, while crying, but nothing since then. He seems content on the floor, so I will keep mopping 76 times a week. I mean, who needs to walk when you have 2 brothers who cater to your every whim? Haha. 

This year has been the absolute fastest of my life and I feel like it's just going to continue. Next big milestone, big brother will be 5 in 2 weeks. Bracing myself for all the feels! 
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