Stilettos and Diapers: June 2016


The Memories in My Laundry

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by OxiClean™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR. 
While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about OxiClean™ all opinions are my own.

If there is one household chore that ranks as my least favorite, laundry would be it. It's time consuming and never ending. I can ignore some funky toilets for a couple days, but everyone running out of underwear - is something that can't be overlooked. 
Maybe it's my last baby growing so fast right before my eyes, but I'm viewing life and time in a much more sentimental way lately. As I was knee deep in a mountain little clothing pieces, I began to realize that this isn't just laundry. 

My laundry tells a story. Many stories, really. It tells details and brings up memories. 

The dirt covered baseball uniform, worn to hit in the game tying run and to slide into second base. 

The soft lion blanket that has comforted all 3 of my babies as they slept. 

The dress shirt that smells like my husband and speaks of his long hours of working hard to support our family. 

The piles of towels that were used during days on the lake, often wrapping up a chilly and tired boy that wants to cozy up to mom as the sun sets. 

The fancy dress I wore for the date night we had for the first time in 10 months, where I got butterflies, just like I did 14 years ago. 

The romper that my firstborn took his first steps in, that is now being worn by my 3rd son. 


All thrown into a room that is often crowded with piles needing my attention. I could look at them as a pain or a chore, but I'm trying harder to look at them as a little slice of life. A snapshot of the love held in this house. It's not forever that I will have multiple baskets of laundry to get through, find little legos all over the floor, or have muddy cleats at the doorstep. I want to hold onto the memories of these crazy busy years before they've too quickly passed by. 

OxiCleanHD Laundry Detergent helps to preserve these memories in my laundry. It's powerful enough to get out the stains, yet gentle enough to not damage the clothes. With the massive amount of laundry that comes along with 3 boys, using a detergent from America's #1 stain fighter is important. To know that I can throw grass stained baseball pants into the wash and have them come out clean, OxiCleanis worth the money to me. 

Moms all wash tons of laundry and we need to be as efficient as possible while doing it. I love the piece of mind that OxiClean gives me. Our clothes come out clean, smelling great and ready to snuggle my boys and I for whatever fun things we have planned in the day. 

I don't have time for rewashing or stain treating. I'm too busy making new memories.  


Fashion || White Denim 3 Ways

A favorite summer piece of mine is white denim. It's totally timeless and once you find your favorite pair, you can wear them again and again. I even like to be a rebel and wear them in the winter, paired with chunky knits and booties. 

But back to summer. Here are 3 of my favorite ways to wear my white cropped denim
How to wear white cropped denim
Date Night: For this look, a heel, a top with girly detail and some fun accessories dress the denim up a bit for a date night. 

All Natural: While this look isn't good for errands with the kids, I love the crisp, clean look of all white. Adding in some neutrals with espadrilles and a leopard clutch, this is a great look for girls night out! 

Super Casual: What this mom of 2 boys would normally be found in! My favorite boyfriend tee, sneakers and my team hat makes this outfit perfect for everyday. 

Jeans: J. Jill | Tee: Target (My favorite one!!!) | Shoes: Nike 


Baby Update: 9 Months Old

Gone are the days of the baby laying down for his monthly photo shoot! I got just a couple shots before he was on the move. I decided to just follow him with the camera, as these pictures really show more what he's doing right now at 9 months! 

9 month stats: 

Weight: I thought he was at the 21lb mark, but at his 9 month physical, he was 19lbs 8.5 oz. That was almost a month ago, though, so...

Eating: All! The! Things! This guy can pack away some food. He tried chicken for the first time and loved it! He's nursing just 4-5 times a day and wants to eat food any time he possibly can. He especially loves puffs, sweet potatoes, bananas, and yogurt. 

Likes: Mickey continues to be the ultimate favorite! I think I see a 1st Birthday theme coming along! He is loving the pool, being outside, playing peek-a-boo, music and his big bros!

Dislikes: Still doesn't like to nap! He also doesn't like broccoli and isn't a huge fan of the car, but that's about it. He's pretty content. 

New this month: He has a mouth full of teeth - 7! They all seemed to come in really quickly and I'm so grateful to have a little teething break. He still isn't getting on his knees to crawl, but is insanely fast with his scoot/army crawl. He also gets way up on his hands and toes, like downward dog. It's really funny to see. He is recently pulling up on things, as you can see from the pictures. Nothing is safe! 

Happy 9 months, Linc! Just in time for you to turn 10 months next week! 


What Molly Wore: Spring Edition

It's Friday! About time for another #WhatMollyWore roundup! This is what I wore this spring over Instagram

2 things I learned about myself in these pictures. It looks like I really like my assorted beverages, but I guess I just like taking pictures with them? And I've realized just how much my hair has grown recently! I think I'm about to cut it when we go to New York next week. Lincoln is pulling it all out! 

I've had on a million different nail polishes the past couple months, but I just got Essie Coconut Cove and I think it's going to be my summer fave! 

Coverup: Old Navy | Cup: Walmart last year, nearly identical here

Romper: old, similar here and here  | Necklace: Melvin | Sunnies: Prada via Ditto (use STILETTODIAPERS for free month of netflix for sunglasses!)

Sweater: Target, sold out | Necklace: Ann Taylor | Jeans: J. Jill | Shoes: Charlotte Russe: sold out, similar

Dress: Molly Suzanne (restocking next week!) | Bag: GiGi New York | Espadrilles: Old Navy, similar here and here

Shorts: Old Navy | Top: Amazon | Sandals: sold out, similar

Happy Friday, y'all! 
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