Stilettos and Diapers: April 2016


8 years of Cooperman.

From this chunky newborn (his birth story is here),
To this confident 8 year old. 

One who happens love baseball,

And is the greatest biggest brother ever. 
I can't believe how fast 8 years has gone by. I feel like it was yesterday that we were in California, welcoming our firstborn into the world and stumbling our way through parenthood. Seeing how grown he is now is making me evaluate how I see life. I'm not wishing away the sleepless nights I have right now. They'll be gone before I know it! 

I want to do as much as possible to really enjoy these years with my boys. Vacations, ignoring cleaning for fun, saying yes more, choosing what is most important. This motherhood thing is the most magical in all the world! 

Happy 8th Birthday, my sweet Cooperman! I love your kind heart, the way you do math for fun and how encouraging you are. You are an incredible baseball player with tons of talent and can totally give me a run for my money in Just Dance! You have your own sense of style and a very sophisticated palate. You are sensitive, but strong and adore your brothers. We are so very grateful for you in our family! 

We love you! 


Fashion || Lilac and White

Totally got into spring mode for church this week. It's a good 2 hour chunk of time that I wear white jeans without fear they will get ruined with dirty cleats or spit up! 
J. Jill Spring Style, White Skinny, lace up bootie, lavender tunic
I love the fit of this tunic from J. Jill. Can you tell I really do love J. Jill right now? Their stuff is just great quality and a perfect fit for me.
lace up spring bootie, white skinny

white jeans, lace up booties, white tote, lilac tunic
tan lace up cut out heels

spring style

J. Jill tunic, white jeans, lace up cutout heels
White tote spring style
Top: J. Jill c/o | Jeans: Last year, similar, fave white jeans here (30% off with code SCORE) | Necklace: Molly Suzanne | Booties: Last year, love this similar pair and a lower heel option | Sunnies: Prada via Ditto (free month with code STILETTODIAPERS | Bag: JustFab, love this one

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Mother's Day Gift: Mom's Day Off

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Whenever I'm asked what I want for a holiday, I always know the answer. It's also one that The Hubs can't exactly wrap up, so it isn't his favorite. But, while I absolutely adore my children, there's nothing more invigorating, relaxing and makes me more grateful for my gaggle of littles, than a Mom's Day Off. No requests or demands. No cleaning, bootie wiping, or cooking. A complete day off. 

What does my perfect Mom's day off consist of? To start, coffee. 

The best day starts with a cup of coffee, finished before it gets cold. Sitting at an outdoor cafe table, being able to mindlessly scroll the internet without a care in the world, makes it even better. 
#MomsDayOffContest, Crocs

#MomsDayOffContest, Crocs

If I ever have time to myself, shopping is always involved. Anyone who has tried on clothes with a stroller in the fitting room, knows you have to jump at the solo chance! With shoes made for lots of walking, the Crocs and I hit the road.
Crocs Leigh II
When I shop alone, it's me and my wallet. No diaper bag, no stroller, just a hand for my drink and some serious rack digging.
Crocs Leigh II, Mom Shopping, Half Bun

Once I'm worn out from the shopping, it's relaxing time. I love sitting by the pool. Reading a magazine. Getting a tan. Taking a nap. But none of that can happen if you're watching kids do all their fun pool tricks, while simultaneously spraying you in the face with water. To sit by the pool alone is rather heavenly, even before it's quite swimming temperatures. 
Pool time, La Croix

#MomsDayOffContest, Crocs Isabella Sandal

Mom time at the pool

Stilettos and Diapers, Half bun, Prada Sunglasses, Crocs

But what's a Mom's day off without some girlfriends? Finishing the day with a dinner I don't have to cook, a meal I don't have to get up during and a cocktail I can drink guilt free is the icing on my mom's day off cake. 
Moms night out, cocktails, girlfriends

Feel free to pass this post along to your man as a serious hint before Mother's Day! But if he ins't the hint taking kind, take matters into your own hands. Crocs is hosting a #MomsDayOffContest and wants to send you on your own day off! 10 winners will receive a $50 Crocs gift card and $100 to pay for your day. An additional 50 runner ups will receive a $50 Crocs gift card. You can use those to buy yourself some of the adorable sandals I wore in my Moms Day Off!

Follow Crocs on Twitter or Instagram and tag a picture with the #MomsDayOffContest hashtag to be entered! See official rules here

What your ideal Mom's Day Off look like?

Thank you, Crocs, for sponsoring this post. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Baby Update: 7 months old!

So Lincoln turned 7 months old a mere 16 days ago...and I'm finally getting his pictures posted! 

This is how he really felt about getting his pictures taken. Haha. He was really interested in peeling his sticker off his onesie, too! 

7 month stats: 

Weight: We haven't been to the doctor in a while, but according to my scale, he's 19.5lbs! He's grown some good rolls and belly in the past month!

Eating: Nursing now about every 4 hours, except more often at night. Gah! He started eating yogurt and I think that's his new favorite. He eats 3 meals a day, but would probably eat more if I let him. 

Likes: He's loving the outside time and it's a good thing because we spend 4-5 days a week at the ballpark! He loves his brothers playing with him, Mickey Mouse and eating! 

Dislikes: He still doesn't love the car or being alone. He also hates broccoli and doesn't seem to be an avocado fan. 

New this month: He's sitting completely on his own, which has given us both some good freedom. His 2 upper teeth about to pop through and they seem to be bothering him more than the bottom. He's started sleeping more in his crib both for naps and nighttime. We're slowly but surely making the transition.   

I've started packing up a lot of baby things, like the swings and swaddles. It's so sad! I think I'll post about my favorite newborn things soon. I had so many new faves this time around! 


Fashion || Tassels and Stripes

The weather seems to finally be participating with me for some more spring like clothing! This week we're jumping right into the 80s, so looks like this is the last of the transition outfits for me. It's downright summer! 
Zip top sandals, striped poncho
I got this open-front poncho in my store for $10, so I couldn't pass it up! Online they have a navy striped version, that is really cute, too. If you want my exact one, you'll have to check your store! 
Striped poncho, tassel backpack

Open front striped tassel poncho

Striped poncho, skinny jeans

Striped poncho

J jill Tassel Backpack

Prada Sunglasses

Poncho: Old Navy | Jeans: Loft (30% off right now!) | Shoes: Report, similar version here  | Backpack: J. Jill | Sunnies: Prada

We have a TON of baseball games and practices this week. I have laundry going now to make sure all uniforms are washed and ready. It's a full time job keeping up with this schedule! I don't know what I'll do when they all 3 play. Haha. Lincoln is sitting up really well now, so I'm tempted to bring the pack-n-play and really get comfortable at the ball park this week. 

Happy Monday! 

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Splurge vs Save: Spring 2016

Best splurge vs save spring 2016

Y'all. There is so much good stuff right now that is nearly identical to the very pricy high end designer duds out there. It's hard actually really hard to spot any difference in a lot of them, so I'll let you guess and see if you can tell! 

Distressed Denim Shorts: Splurge | Save
Tassel Lace Up Shoes: Splurge | Save
Tassel Beach Bag: Splurge | Save
Off the Shoulder Denim Dress: Splurge | Save
Tortoise Oversized Sunglasses: Splurge | Save
Lavender Lace Dress: Splurge | Save
Distressed White Skinnies: Splurge | Save
Cut Out Flat Sandals: Splurge | Save 
Cat Eye Sunglasses: Splurge | Save
Coral Tote: Splurge | Save 

This search started after I bought these sandals and these sunnies. I couldn't believe how great they looked for really, really cheap! I really want to add some fun spring pieces, but you know I don't want to spend a fortune on any of it! 

What pieces are you eyeing for this spring? 


Littles Style: Freshly Picked Moccasins (Giveaway!)

Mother and Son Style, Freshly Picked Moccasins
I have an overdue 7 month update coming up soon, but I had to go ahead and share these recent pictures of my littlest love. He LOVES being outside (and loves his stroller!), so I can always get happy shots of him out there!
Let's talk about baby style for a minute. I sure do love how some people dress their babies. They look like little prepsters and I totally want to do the same. But, I won't sacrifice comfort for them. I'm all about a one piece romper that looks like I would like to sleep in it. The fact of the matter is, I don't think any baby should be uncomfortable. There are plenty of cute things out there that can make your baby look trendy, without having to nap in suspenders or skinny jeans. One of those cute things? Moccasins. Specifically, Freshly Picked MoccasinsSoft Sole Moccasins, Freshly Picked
I, of course, love little baby shoes just as much as I love my own collection. But, Lincoln kicks them off like crazy! When he got his first super soft pair of moccs in the mail, we were both sold. They have elastic around the ankle, making them very easy to get on, but not easy to kick off. And seriously, they couldn't be cuter. 
Soft Sole Moccasins

Quinny Moodd, Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked Moccasin Giveaway
Quinny Moodd

If this guys cuteness hasn't convinced you that your little one needs a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins, I don't know what will! Lucky for you, I've teamed up with Heather and Lindsey and Freshly Picked to give away 3 pairs of soft sole moccasins to y'all! 

Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway

Starting this week, Heather and I will be hosting a Littles Style Link-Up! This week, our guest host is Lindsay of Life Lutzurious. Come on over and link your post, meet some new friends and spread the word! If you're interested in guest hosting, let us know! 


Weekend Wrap-Up: Baseball Time

It's Monday again?! Our weekend was crazy busy and for the third Monday in a row, I was woken up in the wee hours with vomiting people. At least we got the weekend in healthy, right? 

Baseball started this week and oh my gosh. I LOVE baseball season. We've watched several of the Met games on TV already, but my favorite ones to watch are these boys. 

Family Baseball, I love my baseball boy tank via Molly Suzanne
People were asking about my shirt and it's from my boutique, Molly Suzanne. I like ordering things that I want to wear! Now if it will just warm up, I can wear it without covering it up!
I Love My Baseball Boy Tank, Molly Suzanne
Friday night was GNO with the neighborhood girls. I ate the spiciest sushi ever and we walked to get froyo to wash it all down with. Which, btw, outside of a slice of pizza, it was my first post Whole30 dairy. And my stomach didn't love it. It sure was good, though! 

Menchies Froyo
{Follow me on snapchat: stilettodiapers}

We started bright and early at the ball field on Saturday. Where we will be living for the rest of the spring! Coop is playing machine pitch and it's getting pretty competitive. I'm trying to not be "that mom".

You haven't seen adorable chaos until you watch a t-ball game! At one point, there were 3 kids on second base. There were tons of laughs, lots of kids cheering for their "home runs" and moms with cameras like whoa. Callan is sure they "rocked that team" even though they don't keep score!

Lincoln was a total trooper through nearly 5 chilly, windy hours at the ball park. I wanted to snuggle right in that stroller with him!
Quinny Moodd, Maxi-Cosi Mico AP
Saturday night was one of my great friend's Birthday party. We celebrated at Sweet Grass Home with a wine and craft night. You can pick any kind of pallet craft and we had such a blast hanging out together! 
Your limitation isn't what you don't have, but what you don't use. Steven Furtick
My picture is hidden, but it says "Your limitation isn't what you don't have, but what you don't use". One of my favorite quotes from our Pastor. 
Sweet Grass Home Wine and Craft Girls Night
Sunday was church and I always look forward to dressing up a little. But I overslept, didn't have time to wash my hair and ended up in jeans. Ha! I also almost put Lincoln in the nursery, but couldn't do it. Am I the only mom that holds their kid in the overflow room? I'm just so worried that he will be crying and want me. Or that he'll get sick. Mercy knows I don't need anymore germs around here! 
Striped Poncho, tassel backpack, prada sunglasses
Later on, we, along with the rest of our town, went to Lowe's to get plants. We have 4 beds we're trying to create and we got 1 done. No landscaping is the worst part about buying a new construction house. We have front beds with basic plants, but nothing pretty. And I have a black thumb so...
We'll see how they survive! I did dig and plant while drinking a mojito. I missed fun drinks while on Whole30, but taking that long break makes one taste even better now! 
I read from Brittany this morning that she uses agave in her cocktails. Have you tried that? I just skipped all sweetener, but it could use a little something to cut the tart lime! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

(Baseball is our jam right now, but check out our other family night traditions! You can win a $100 Visa gift card!)

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