Stilettos and Diapers: 12 Months of Lincoln


12 Months of Lincoln

Yeah, my baby is 13.5 months old now, but I think that is the normal time to post a third born's 12 month pictures, right? 

I love having every month side by side. It's insane to see the size of this little babe over a year! It 's also quite obvious that I don't use photo shop and have some seriously weird coloring in my house. (FYI, if your builder has energy saving something or another windows, you get a nice blue hue in your pictures!) I should probably have someone who knows what they're doing make them all the same color? But hey, I'm far from perfect, so why should my pictures be!

Onto my sweet man. 

The photo shoots got harder and harder with each month. I was basically chasing him around my bedroom with the camera for these! But some of the unexpected ones are my favorite.

12 month stats: 

Weight: He was just 22 and holding steady at his 12 month checkup a bit over a month ago. He had gained quite a bit since then. Trust me, my back feels it! 

Eating: He's gotten to where he throws anything he doesn't want right off the tray, which is totally fun. His favorites are peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt, rice cakes, bananas, peas and eggs. He seems to hate melted cheese, just like his big brother! 

Likes: Mickey Mouse is his jam. He shrieks in the store anytime we see Mickey anything. He loves rolling the ball, emptying my kitchen cabinets, being outside and playing with his brothers. 

Dislikes: He was getting into so much stuff that I set a big octagon baby gate up in the living room. Well, you can imagine how much he hates being in there, no matter how many toys he has! Outside of that, he is a super content baby! 

New this month: He understands what's happening when we are in the car line to pick Cooper up from school and starts wiggling and talking when he sees the kids come out of the building. He is saying "Per" and "Cal", which is the cutest thing ever. He took 2 steps towards me, while crying, but nothing since then. He seems content on the floor, so I will keep mopping 76 times a week. I mean, who needs to walk when you have 2 brothers who cater to your every whim? Haha. 

This year has been the absolute fastest of my life and I feel like it's just going to continue. Next big milestone, big brother will be 5 in 2 weeks. Bracing myself for all the feels! 

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  1. He's so gorgeous!!! I can't believe how quickly time flies with these little ones. :)


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