Stilettos and Diapers: The Late, Late {Weekend Wrap-Up} Show


The Late, Late {Weekend Wrap-Up} Show

School and birthdays and family, oh my! Labor Day weekend was a good time around here. I am just now getting around to summing it all up in some real life iPhone pics. It's been nonstop around here!

Last Thursday, we kicked the weekend off with a girls night to see Luke Bryan. It poured and was delayed by 2 hours, but we were troopers and it was a good show! I was very glad that I traded in my cowboy boots for rainboots, though!

On Friday, The Hubs had off for Labor Day, but our boating plans were ruined by the rain. We did some yard work instead, before the storms hit and sipped mimosas on the deck. After we got Cooper from school, we celebrated 1 week of survival with a trip to Dave & Busters. I am not a fan of that place, simply because I can't keep my eyes on everyone easily. 2 parents with 1 kid in the stroller worked well and we had some really happy kiddos!

I felt emotional all weekend as we got closer to Lincoln's first birthday. I have taken a ton of sleeping pictures of him lately. Love those sweet baby snuggles! 

My family got in late Friday night and I made my frittata muffins since they're easy for a crowd. Only now, I wrap the muffin tins in prosciutto sometimes and usually leave out the cheese. 

We spent a good part of the morning boating and the weather was absolutely gorgeous here. Just a hint of fall! 

Saturday night was one of the most special parts of the weekend. Cooper asked a couple months ago about being baptized. Our church was doing a special kids baptism night and we were so proud of his choice to show the world that he wants to live his life for Jesus. 

Sunday morning, we took the birthday boy to the park for some swinging...his favorite!
That was followed by another favorite, eating! We went to a buffet and he ate to his little hearts content. 
Sunday afternoon was his Mickey party! It was just a small family party, but I had a blast prepping for it. I will show more pictures later once I get them all off my camera. 

The boy had a great time. So much so, that I had to use a q-tip to clean icing out of his nose. Haha.

We spent Labor Day out on the lake again with my family and some friends. There was an ice cream boat that came by and made for some happy boys. (and Auntie!)
I took my fun drink floats out, but I'm going to say they work a bit better in the pool than a rocky lake! Side note, that Dasani raspberry lemonade sparking water is delicious!
The boys went tubing with my brother, which they thought was awesome. Having siblings so much younger than me is really fun with my kids! 

Callan started school today and it's super quiet around here. I am hoping to be more productive these days, at least! With that, I'm off to fold laundry! 

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