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Motherhood || Fashion Meets Baby Gear

When I had Cooper, I chose a basic black stroller because I just wanted it to be pretty and coordinate with my clothes. Vain, maybe. But since all the other baby items were every primary color around, I wanted something that would look pretty! 

My baby gear dreams came true after Lincoln was born and I heard about Rachel Zoe's collaboration with Quinny and Maxi-Cosi for a new line of strollers and carseats. I've loved her from the first time I watched her show some 8 years ago. I love how she's incorporated style with motherhood and lets be real, I want everything in her closet! 

The cognac leather and oversized gold details in the line make the black and white even more chic. I've been asked so many times about this stroller! It's really a showstopper.  
Rachel Zoe Quinny Moodd Review
Rachel Zoe Quinny Moodd Review

Fashionable Baby Gear

On top of the obvious good looks, Lincoln is a fan of riding in the Quinny Moodd. He hangs onto the handle bar like he's driving and likes to prop his feet up when he's snoozing. The seat reclines all the way back and it can face forward or backward. He wants to face forward if we're watching his brother's sporting events, but once he get's tired, he wants to see me. I love that versatility! It's very easy to push with a lock or swivel front wheel, and has that amazing telescoping handlebar to fit my short self or my tall hubby. 
Rachel Zoe Quinny Moodd Review

Also in the collection, is a matching Pria 85. It fits children 14-85lbs! Lincoln thinks it's the best thing ever and since Callan knows he can fit in it too, he wants to try it out! 
Rachel Zoe Maxi-Cosi Pria85 Review

Maxi-Cosi Pria85, largest convertible seat
The Pria has the beauty designed by Rachel Zoe, but also the safety Maxi-Cosi is known for. The Air Protect® system specifically protects your child's head in case of an impact crash. And for you moms who have cleaned crushed snacks, pee, spilled milk and vomit out of your carseats (probably many times!), you should know that the entire seat pad comes off easily for washing washable and you don't have to rethread the straps at all! Hallelujah! 
Safe convertible seat, maxi-cosi pria85

I seriously cannot imagine a line of baby products being more gorgeous than this one is. There is also an infant seat (Mico Max 30) and pretty diaper bag in the Rachel Zoe collection. If you're in the market for some fancy for your baby, and yourself, this one's for you!  
Rachel Zoe Maxi-Cosi Quinny Review

This post is sponsored as part of my partnership with Maxi-Cosi. 
All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. 

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