Stilettos and Diapers: Motherhood || When the 2nd Goes to School.


Motherhood || When the 2nd Goes to School.

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Cooper will be going into the 3rd grade this year and never went to preschool. I just didn't feel like he was ready and I had plenty of time to work with him at home as well as having a big group of neighborhood friends that he played with often. 

Fast forward to this year and I have a 4.5 year old Callan, who wants to be just like his big brother. He's been asking to go to school for over a year now, played baseball like his brother and is far more "grown up" than Cooper was at this age. I think it's just that second born, trying to keep up! 

The choice was, and still is, a bit hard for me. I feel mom guilt about sending him away earlier than I did Cooper. About having less time with him. But the reality is, he is a completely different child and you really have to parent each one differently. So, my sweet boy is going to pre-K this year and he was very excited to go shopping for school clothes, just like his big brother. 
Kohl's Carters Back to School

Kohl's Carters Back to School comfortable, affordable clothes

My absolute favorite line to buy for my boys, is Carter's. Affordable, adorable and they have pieces my littles want to wear. Like this "LOOK MOM! IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!" shirt. 
Kohl's Carters Back to School

Kohl's Carters Back to School, Cool glow in the dark clothing

Getting a wardrobe ready for school in North Carolina is a bit different than other places. You still put your kids in shorts for the first 2 months of school! So I like to pick up a few new shorts/tees, then get the long sleeve and pants a tad big to prep for the "southern fall" which happens around November.
Kohl's Carters Back to School
Is it just me, or does this button down make him look 3 years older?!
Pre-K back to school outfits

Best back to school clothing for boys

Kohl's Carters Back to School, plaid button down

Kohl's Carters Back to School, preppy boy style

I love that a big selection of Carter's bottoms have an elastic waist or drawstring. If your kids wait until the very.last.second. to go to the bathroom like mine, you know just how great this feature is!
Kohl's Carters Back to School elastic waist pants

And while we were out shopping for these cute back to school outfit at Kohl's, like always, I keep my eye out for matching clothes. Carter's jammies are about all my boys wear and I (and they) love these new baseball ones! 
Kohl's Carters Matching Pajamas for brothers

Kohl's Carters Back to School

You should shop Carter's clothes at Kohl's during their back to school sale! From 8/1 -8/7, take $10 off your $40 kids purchase with code BTS10!

Did you send your kids to preschool? 

Was their a difference in your first to your second? 

What am I going to do with myself with only 1 child at home?!  

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  1. GAWWWWWWWWWWW. WHAT A HAM HE IS. Seriously just the cutest ever. I am a working mom so my boys (3 of them), have all gone to daycare and preschool since they were babes but it doesn't make any of it easier. I bet your little one is going to LOVE IT!!!

  2. We are sending Sophia to K4 this year and she doesn't turn 4 until December. She will also ride the bus home 3 days a week! It's a private school and bus. But she is so smart, and there aren't any kids her age in our neighborhood, we just felt we needed to try it. It's only a half day. I was nostalgic at first but now I am excited for her. And I'm excited for "me" time (that's what it feels like with only a baby at home) the two days a week I don't work.

  3. My oldest is going into first grade and I sent her two days a week preschool for half a day LOL It was the bare minimum and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. But going into K, I felt so bad like I hadn't prepared her (we have all day K here!) but she did wonderfully. My middle is the same, asks everyday to go to school. So she will go 5 half days, which I am totally ok with!

  4. OH my goodness they are both sooo handsome!! We know all about "southern falls" here in Florida too (:

  5. Both my kids started at 2 years. I stayed home for two years with my first, and his transition was SO hard for both of us. I was only home with my second for 9 months, so she is more independent and social, and she actually enjoys school so much. We live in Hawaii, so it's extremely expensive, and unfortunately, staying home full-time is not an option for me. Luckily, I'm a teacher, though, so I still enjoy lots of downtime with them. Summers are magic! And we never need seasonal wardrobes -- it's shorts and slippers (flip-flops) all year long!


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