Stilettos and Diapers: Friday Favorites!


Friday Favorites!

It's been a busy week and we start baseball tomorrow morning. I am SO excited to be baseball mom again. I just will like it a lot more once it isn't 95 degrees outside! 

Here's a few of my random favorites on this Friday! 

Favorite Clothing Purchases

Bikini Top and Bottom
I bought this on a whim the other night and wore it for the first time this morning. It's really cute, while still having pretty good coverage.  

Cold Shoulder Swing Dress
I can't wait to wear this in the fall! It runs a bit large, so if you order, go down a size. I got an XS and it fits great. (And you can wear a regular bra with it!) 

Flowy Maxi Dress
I've been wearing this one a lot lately. It's perfect for the summer heat days! 

Favorite Recipes

 - Sesame-Hoisin Salmon Rice Bowls from Blue Apron
We tried out Blue Apron and is so fun! Cooper cooked the whole meal last night and it was delicious. They posted this recipe and I will absolutely be making it again. 

 - Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups
I have dubbed the next couple weeks as "try to find anything Cooper will eat for lunch" trial days. This is top of the list and he says he'll eat it. We shall see! 

Favorite Instagram Pages

 - The Southern Style Guide
I love the Cristin's modern mom style and her beautiful feed.  

 - Brie of Sophistifunk Blog
If I had to dress out of one persons closet for the rest of my life, it would, hands down, be Brie's! 

Favorite Kid Things

 - Summer Baby Gate 
This is the new version of the one I have. I love that it wraps around the bannister and you don't have to drill into them! I mention this now, because we are officially baby proofing this weekend. Little man can climb the stairs! 

 - Cat & Jack Line at Target
O.M.G. Have y'all seen this new line at Target? Everything is SO cute in the bigger kids and the babies. We got a few pieces for Cooper yesterday since everything is 30% off right now! I was so excited that he liked some of the more stylish pieces and not just dri fit stuff. Haha! 

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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