Stilettos and Diapers: August 2016


Motherhood || First Day Of School Looks!

Does anyone else feel like this summer absolutely flew by? As we walked into Cooper's school for open house, I literally felt like we had just finished. I think they say time moves faster the older you get, so there it is. I'm getting old. 

Cooper had his first day of 3rd grade this week and Callan starts his first and last year of preschool next week. My babies aren't babies anymore, y'all! 
Stilettos and Diapers Back To School Chalkboard
Stilettos and Diapers Back To School Chalkboard
Stilettos and Diapers Back To School
As far as first day of school clothes go, I really have no control anymore. There's no more polos, skinny jeans or button pants that go down without a fight. It's all dry fit and elastic around here and honestly, I've gotten to the point that I don't mind it anymore. They're happy! At least the shoes are something we agree on! We did a Rack Room Shoes shopping trip and stocked up, like we've been doing every school year. Their great selection and even better prices makes shopping so simple. And come on. I love getting myself some new kicks when I'm in there, too! 
Rack Room Shoes Back To School Adidas, Nike
Cooper went with a pretty baller pair of Adidas and Callan opted for some easy on Nikes. I was really happy with their picks, since the trend watcher in me knows grays and blacks are big this fall!  
Stilettos and Diapers Back To School

The dab may be dead to Cam, but it's alive and well in our house!
Dab isn't dead
Coop already is loving school and his teacher. He has several friends in his class and he loves the fact that I let him start the week by eating lunchables. I mean, honestly, it was just as much for me to ease back into the morning routine! I miss him incredibly, though. He's going into a different door at school with all the older kids this year and it's just hard to believe. Sure, it's a bit more peaceful without brother wars, but I would rather have them and have him here! 
Stilettos and Diapers Back To School
Callan starts school next week, but he's been asking to go for about a year and a half. He wants to be just like his big brother. We met his teacher and he seemed like he had known her forever. He walked right in and chatted the entire time. He's so different from Cooper in so many ways and it's fun to see. 
Stilettos and Diapers Back To School

Boys, I may be shedding lots of tears lately, but it's just hard to send a big piece of your heart out into the world! I know that you will show strength, kindness and courage through this school year and I'm so proud of you both!
Rack Room Shoes Back To School Adidas, Nike

This post was sponsored by Rack Room Shoes. 
All opinions are honest and my own.  


The Weekend Wrap-Up

Oh, the last weekend of the summer! I guess I should just say last weekend before school starts, since we have plenty more warm days around here! 

We got quite a bit done over the weekend, including a little solo trip with Lincoln to the store. The new Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato tastes good, but is really sweet. I think I'm back to my iced coffee next time, even though it doesn't look as pretty!

My family is coming into town for Lincoln's Birthday this weekend. Yes, his 1st. Sending my babes to school with a 1st birthday in between is making me blow through the tissues. Sweet mother of emotions. Every time we have company coming, we always get a little bug to decorate and organize. We've lived here nearly 3 years and there are still plenty of things to do. I did find a couple good things at Hobby Lobby for the kitchen and our master bedroom is nearly completed! Yay!!! I will show y'all some finished pictures soon, including the details on the DIY side tables The Hubs did! 

We did the normal lake time, but tried out a ski trainer from a friend. The boys were really good and even did a little one handed action. Their mother, on the other hand...well, didn't last long. Hahaha. 

We aren't big eating out people, even though my Snapchats lately tell otherwise. There are a only a couple spots to eat on the lake, non of which are healthy. I've eaten this delicious burger a few too many times recently. Bring on the treadmill miles. 
On Saturday, I went to a Sip & See for a friends baby girl. Nearly every piece of clothing she opened had ruffles on the butt. So.Stinking.Cute. I, of course, had to dress super girly for the occasion! 
Today, my biggest little man went back to school. I thought since it's 3rd grade and all, that I may keep my cool. I did during drop off, but not once he was out of our sight. I don't know that I'll ever be okay sending them off, even if the noise, fighting and tattle telling diminishes greatly the fewer you have home at once! 

Callan starts next week, so I should be a big hot mess once I drop him off with my then 1 year old. While I'm a bit sad about the the school year, the boys are so excited. It's amazing to watch them learn and grow and I'm just so grateful for my healthy, sweet boys! 


Fashion || The Outfit That Didn't Get Worn

As we were walking out the door to go to Cooper's meet the teacher night this week, Coop gave me a once over and asked "Mom. Are you going to wear that?!" I was so shocked and laughed a little. But realizing he was serious, I said nope. It's your night. Pick what you want me to wear. This is the outfit in question. Haha. 
Cold Shoulder crochet top, pantone Potters clay, leopard clutch
Cold Shoulder crochet top, pantone Potters clay, leopard clutch

Claire V foldover clutch, pantone Potters clay

Cold Shoulder crochet top, pantone Potters clay, leopard clutch

Musse & Cloud wedges
Cold Shoulder crochet top, pantone Potters clay, leopard clutch

Top | Jeans | Sandals | Clutch: sold out, similar splurge or save | Sunglasses 

I thought it was cute. He did not. He said I was way too tall and that I needed to wear something more casual, "like Dad would wear." He picked out a golf polo first, which I declined. But I proudly wore his other choice instead! 

I do wonder if he'll keep this up. I hope I don't have to change every time I go to his school! 

Shop the look:

Happy Friday, y'all!


Beauty || Real Girl Beauty Favorites

I love my mascara and eye liner, but I have never been one to make my face up on a daily basis. Often, in the summer especially, I don't wear anything outside of my eye makeup. Well, 31 looks a bit different than 21 did on my face, so I've been trying to spend an extra couple minutes lately to actually put my makeup on. I will never admit to being a beauty expert, or having that elusive porcelain looking complexion, but I do love some easy products. Especially when they're reasonably priced ones. 

Blush - This blush is one I've had forever. It stays on well, even if I use it without a foundation. The color is Bella and it's a pretty, non shimmery pink. 

Liquid Eyeliner - I got this eyeliner for a review at some point, I think. I liked it so much that it's all I've bought since then. You can turn it different directions for a thick or thin line and it doesn't smudge! 

Foundation - I have gone through 2 bottles of this in the past 3 years or so. A little bit goes a long way. While it's more than drugstore makeup ($29), I think it's totally worth it. 

Lipstick - I bought this lipstick in Bare It All after a recommendation from some YouTube video I was watching while nursing a few months back. I LOVE the color and it lasts! It's a dupe of the popular Mac Velvet Teddy

Lipgloss - I just saw Cara Loren recommend this on Snapchat the other day and went right out to buy it. The color is Nonstop Glamour. I've worn it by itself as well as over the Bare it All lipstick and love both ways. 

Contour Stick - Now, this isn't an essential for me. I basically wear it when we're doing photos for the blog, or if I'm doing something fancy. It's really easy and has step by step instructions in the package. Which is the only way I could ever do a contour. Haha. One side is highlighting and one contouring, so it's a 1 stop shop!

Blending Sponge - The contour stick above comes with a great sponge, but this one is good, too. I couldn't believe how great these are for applying anything liquid and for blending. They make a big difference! 

Bronzer - This is another one of those items that is a little bit more, but worth it. I have the color Warmth and use it more like a contouring under my cheekbones and around my forehead. 

Mascara  - If you want long and thick lashes, this is a great mascara. I apply 1 coat, wait until it dries and add another. 

Brow Filler - This is another blog review item turned favorite. It is pretty much fool proof, with one end being a pencil and the other a fill power with a little sponge. 

What are your favorite beauty buys? 

Anything I should try, or tips for my amateur self? 


Week(end) Wrap-Up

1 more week until school starts again and I'm in complete denial. I think I've had moments every day this summer, where I wondered how in the world I'm sane at all. There have been a lot of brother fights and time outs, but far more fun and good memories made. I'll be a sobbing mess come next week when I don't get all day with my boys. Cooper starts Monday and Callan starts the following week. We tried to pack a lot of fun into last week, while The Hubs was traveling and continued the fun right into the weekend. 

We spent a day with friends at a water park that had a lazy river. It was so much fun and these guys kept going around and around. 

After Lincoln and I did a few laps, he was pooped and took a lovely long nap. 
At some point over the weekend, I found the boys "helping" Lincoln up from his nap. Hahaha. That only ended in me having to lift everyone up and out of the crib!
I had bought Keith Urban tickets for the family early this summer. Well, The Hubs work trip meant he couldn't go and I was totally bummed. I decided I would just bring the boys anyway, but last minute, the big ones decided they would rather hang with their friends than me. So, I went with 3 girlfriends and Linc! He was a dream baby, grinning and dancing during the opening act and sleeping for the entire rest of the concert!

The weekend got us out on the lake, of course. It's our favorite family time!
We beached for awhile, where we got caught in a torrential downpour. We huddled and used the tube to block us. It was actually pretty fun! The storm finally passed and we were able to hang out and watch a beautiful sunset. 

Sprinkled in all that fun was fall baseball for Cooper and prepping for soccer for Callan. We have practices during the week for them both, plus weeknight and weekend games. It's keeping us busy in all the spare time, but I love it. Just hoping that there isn't too much overlap in games this season. I've missed very few and would like to keep it that way! 

This week I think will be nothing but fun. I have a few things planned to do with the boys. The week will probably include ice cream, donuts, movies and staying up far too late. We'll squeeze the life right out of this last week of summer! 

Happy Monday! 

Fashion || Fall Sale (Under $25!)

I got an email this morning that one of my favorite shops to grab trendy pieces for cheap is having a 35% off sale, plus free shipping! If there's one thing I totally hate, it's wasting money on shipping. I love when I can grab 1 or 2 things and not worry about hitting a shipping minimum. 

I bought several of these pieces and wanted to share some of my faves! I must have been looking at original prices when I put under $40 on the photo, because everything is actually under $25! I have an army green vest just like this one and am always getting asked about it. It's a perfect fall piece! And these lace up swoon! 
Fall sale under $25

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 

The sale goes through today only, but it also applies to clearance, so it's a good time to even grab a couple pieces for next summer!


Baby Update: 10 & 11 Months Old

This cutie will be 1 in 17 days (not that I'm counting!) and I'm not handling it well! I can't believe how fast time has flown. Which leads me to this 3rd child problem...his 10 and 11th month update, combined and very close to his 1st Birthday. Sorry, bud! Mommy has a lot of kids to keep up with! :)

The 10 month shoot started a lot more of this than the flat lays...

After the first 11 month wiggly, holding glasses shot, we decided sitting may work better.  

10/11 month stats: 

Weight: I weighed him at Publix in Florida and he was 25. But then here on our house scale, he's showing 22.5, which I think may be more accurate. He's wearing pretty much all 18 month clothes now! 

Eating: All the things. There isn't much he hasn't tried and not much he turns down! His favorites are scrambled eggs, yogurt, these Purple Power Clif bars, rice cakes, peas and sweet potato. 

Likes: I would have to say his favorite things ever are his brothers. He nearly leaps out of my arms every time he sees them. He loves Mickey Mouse and I'm planning a party that is all things Mickey. I'm so excited!

Dislikes: He doesn't want to be alone and hates when I take him out of the bathtub. He wants to stay in there forever!

New this month: Baby boy is flying around and getting into everything. Doing lots of furniture surfing and shoe eating. The baby gates are all out! His words include dada, mama, kiss, more and go-go-go! He's been "talking" a lot more, too, with lots of babbling and laughing. He's a seriously happy babe and is so chill now.  

Tonight is his first concert! We're headed to Keith Urban and it's bringing back memories of when I wore 3 month old Callan to Rascal Flatts. Haha. Don't worry, I'm bringing headphones! 


Fashion || Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Happy hump day! I woke up this morning thinking it was Tuesday, so I'm pretty excited about today! 

I wore this look while we were at the beach and forgot to post it! I love this off the shoulder dress, because it's perfect for summer, but will be great this fall as well. I imagine it with a denim jacket over it for cool evenings. It's also $25! 
Lace up sandals, off the shoulder maxi, Karen Walker, Rosemary Beach

off shoulder tassel maxi dress, Karen Walker, Rosemary Beach
Lace up sandals, off the shoulder maxi, Karen Walker, Rosemary Beach

Lace up sandals, off the shoulder maxi, Karen Walker, Rosemary Beach

Off shoulder tassel dress, maxi dress
These photos were taken in Rosemary beach, right beside The Pearl. Their restaurant, Havana Beach Bar and Grill was absolutely amazing for date night and their rooftop lounge is gorgeous, just like the outside of the building!  
Havana Beach at the Pearl Rosemary Beach, FL
Havana Beach at the Pearl Rosemary Beach, FL
Dress (I'm wearing a small and the fit is true to size) | Sandals: sold out, similar | Sunglasses: Karen Walker via Ditto (use STILETTODIAPERS for a free month of endless eyewear!)

Shop the look: 

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