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Family || Beach Vacation

Happy Wednesday from the beach! We're having a great time here with tons of sun, laughs and fun with family. Here's some of what's been happening so far!
That first beach nap! I feel like I've gone a little crazy with pictures of Lincoln, but I'm trying to capture those first moments! Besides, his brothers are very hard to contain for a picture while they're busy swimming and playing with their cousins!

My little sis, aka, my blonde twin.
I already got to sneak out for a date night with this guy. 3 years in a row for a date on the beach and it's a tradition I don't ever want to end!

We're so fortunate to have a place to be able to stay here in Florida and have been coming here for 10 years. It's the most relaxing place ever and the weather has been cooler than normal lately! I'm loving spending time with not just The Hubs and my boys, but my parents, siblings, nephews and niece, too! My last sis gets here tonight and we'll be here the rest of the week. Not sure when we're coming back yet, as I'm trying to milk a few more days out of The Hubs. Haha. 

Hope your week is going great! PS. I did pick up a couple more things from the Nordstrom sale, like this cute fall dress! If you haven't shopped yet, take a look before the sale ends!


  1. Molly, your boys are so handsome! They look so much alike! You sister also looks a lot like you! Good looking family genes!


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