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Baby || 0-6 Month Essentials

Lincoln is 10 months old now and I'm starting to pack up a lot of the little baby things around our house. I can't believe how fast it's gone! As I pack things up, though, I was thinking about how amazing some of these things were for our first 6 months or so. These things are all things that I didn't have with my big boys and I really wish I did! Hopefully this list will help some of you moms register and prepare for baby! 

Baby 0-6 month essentials, what you really need

1 - Bebe Au Lait Sniggle Blanket - I love this blanket. It's big enough to use on the floor for playtime and I use it in the boat a lot because it's so soft and thick.  

2 - Halo Bassinet - This was a huge peace of mind with a newborn. The bassinet sits right next to mine and swivles over the edge. It was amazing after my c-section because one side can simply be pushed down to pull the baby towards you. 

3 - Milk Snob Cover - Just go buy one now. Seriously. Those grandmas who want to touch your baby at the store mean well, but keep your hands off my kid! I NEVER had anyone reach in and touch my baby with this cover on the seat. It allows air flow, has a spot to peek in at the top and looks very cool. Having a baby born right before flu season, this thing went everywhere with me. 

4 - Maxi Cosi Adorra - I have and love the Quinny Moodd and it's been the stroller that I've gotten the absolute most compliments on. I get constantly stopped when I'm using it because it looks so cool. But, I recently got the Adorra and I'm in love. The seat turns both directions, just like the Moodd, it lays completely flat, has a huge basket underneath and most importantly, folds up very well. I separate the seat from the base and it can easily fit behind the 3rd row of my Pilot. This is a perfect stroller from newborn right up until they're ready to walk everywhere.

5 - Tommy Tippee Pump and Go System - I haven't had to pump all that much, but this system has been fantastic for the times I do. You pump right into the bags, put the bag right into the freezer in a cool container, then the bag can go right into the specially fitted bottle. I totally recommend it for anyone who breastfeeds, but if you are an exclusive pumper, or pumping while working, this is a must have. 

6 - Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 - The lightest in it's class, this infant seat will help keep that back pain away! I loved this seat, the cushy-ness of it as well as the sleek look. 

7 - Embe Swaddle - I used a lot of swaddles, but this one was my favorite. I really like that you can swaddle the whole baby, or the arms only. I did this once it got warm and also when my little one got a bit bigger. I've read that it's better for the hips to now swaddle the legs and it totally did the trick with helping my little man sleep. 

8 - DocATot - I got this for a baby who didn't sleep very long at all at night. It really snuggles them and actually did help my guy sleep more! It's great for traveling, too, if you're co-sleeping. 

BabyBjorn Travel Crib - This is one thing that I didn't add when I made the image above, because we hadn't traveled when I made it. Well, we went on a trip to NY and the thing is AMAZING. It fit in a small space between the hotel bed and wall, is extremely lightweight and folds up to 5.5" wide. You know how amazing that was for packing?! It's also has a soft mattress and looks super cool. So, if you plan to travel at all with your baby or anytime until they're 3 or so, put this on your registry!

Security Blanket - All 3 of my boys have loved a little security blanket. They have all held it close to their face while they fall asleep and have kept sleeping with it until they were 3 or older. It's a great familiar item to have, especially when you're trying to put your baby to sleep in a different place. But, I would grab 2 identical ones once you know what your baby likes, or you may end up overnighting a baby from California to DC. Haha.

Hope this list helps you mommas and mommas to be! 

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