Stilettos and Diapers: Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up


Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, this 4 day weekend threw me a little bit behind! But we had the greatest time spending time together and with my in-laws who were here with us! 

Lincoln is getting a bit more used to the boat and took the greatest nap on Friday. I will never understand how a little one fights sleep, much less while on a rocking boat! 
Stilettos and Diapers
If you live close to a Costco, get their prepared margarita. It's made with wine and agave syrup and is perfect for summer. I mix mine about half and half with seltzer. (I snap a lot lately, so you can follow along there, stilettodiapers, if you want!)
Stilettos and Diapers

There were more naps taken, this time with bread as sunglasses, while music blasts in his iPad. Whatever works, people. 
Stilettos and Diapers
Linc got his toes in the water and sand for the first time and I'm pretty sure he was a big fan. 
Stilettos and Diapers, Lake Norman Beach
I got on the tube with Coop for the first time since before I was pregnant. Bless his heart, I screamed his little ears off! 
Stilettos and Diapers, Lake Norman tubing
Sunset over the lake is a perfect ending to a fun day. 
Stilettos and Diapers, Lake Norman

On Saturday, we spent some time at the pool, which was another first for Linc. It's hard to tell if he loves something or not, because he smiles like this all the time! 
Stilettos and Diapers
Saturday night was DATE NIGHT! It was our first in 10 months. I know, awful! I carried my new GiGi New York crossbody clutch. Isn't she cute!?
GiGi New York Neon Crossbody Catie
We ate by the water at Port City Club and had the most relaxing time. 
Port City Club Date night
Also, I ate everything. Haha. Crab, filet, broccolini, mashed potatoes, lobster truffle mac-n-cheese, wine and a milkshake on the way home. No wonder my stomach is looking a little fuller this week! 
Port City Club Cornelius, NC

Port City Club Cornelius, NC
We spent actual Memorial Day on the lake again. I made my clean strawberry tart, but added blueberries to it. So thankful to all who sacrificed and continue to keep our country safe! 
Clean, gluten free, dairy free, strawberry tart
We dodged a little dark clouds on the lake, but it was actually nice to be less sunny. Mr teething was fussy and we had to stop at a friends and get some Tylenol. This morning 2 more teeth popped through! 
Stilettos and Diapers

Ma'am (what we call The Hubs mom) is super brave and tubed a lot with the boys. I love this pic of her and Callan on the back of the boat.
Stilettos and Diapers

I posted this pic on Instagram and everyone and their mother wanted to know where I got this suit. Well, get ready. It's from Target. Hehe. I absolutely love it! Even though those side straps left as weird of a tan line as you would imagine. 
Mom friendly one-piece suit, Target

That's all folks! Now I have to get my house back in order after neglecting it for 4 days in a row! 

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  1. Super cute flag shirt. May I ask where you found it?


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