Stilettos and Diapers: Last of School, First of Summer!


Last of School, First of Summer!

Well, something insane happened last week and my chubby cheeked little boy grew up and finished 2nd grade. He's grown a ton this school year, both physically and mentally. (I never thought 2nd grade homework would challenge me and not my child...)

We kicked off the summer with a trip for milkshakes right after school got out. 
Being the true foodie that he is, Coop also requested dinner out, and I was more than happy to oblige. (No cooking!) He just wanted to go somewhere that he could order shrimp cocktail as an appetizer!
Port City Club, Cornelius, NC

Yesterday was our first official day home and my first with 3 boys! I braved BJs with them all and couldn't have been more proud of their behavior. Granted, I've broken up about 46,000 fights between the 2 big boys since then, so don't go thinking I'm doing something magical. 

Last night, we went out on the lake with some friends and watched the sunset at dinner. Callan showed off his double fisting skills! 
Blue Parrot, Lake Norman, NC

Lake Norman Sunset, Blue Parrot

We were out way passed bedtime and the boys all slept very late this morning. I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to turn the alarm off! After a few days of this, I think I'll be trying to wake up and be productive before the boys get up. There is no free time once they're all up! 

In other news...someone is trying to keep up with his big brothers. Time to lower the crib mattress! 

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