Stilettos and Diapers: Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites

It's Friday! Here are some things that I'm totally loving this week:


Today is National Donut Day! Get out there and get yourself 1. Or 5. Not judging. If you buy a drink at Dunkin Donuts today, you get a free donut, by the way! But, I just went straight for the dozen. 

Girls Night Out

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (stilettodiapers) you got an eyeful of my night! 
I went with Brittany to check out the new Craft City Social Club at the Sheraton and City Lights Rooftop Bar at Le Meridian. Both are chic hangout spots that are far cooler than I am, but we had a fantastic time. The views from the rooftop were amazing! 
And it didn't hurt that they had King of Pops cocktails. You can find their popsicle carts all over Charlotte, but mixed with prosecco, it's a whole different ballgame. 
Spring Flowers

Should that be summer flowers now? We have this tropical hibiscus on our back deck and almost every day, it has had these gorgeous blooms. I have a total black thumb, so we are just praying the massive amount of plants we bought live to see next month. I'm feeling pretty proud over this one, though! 
Yummy Salads

We've eaten salad nearly every day since Whole30 and man, they get boring. I found this salad recipe and love the maple cider vinaigrette. I just used regular pecans, purple onion, green apples and rolled turkey on a bed of spinach. The Hubs is a big fan. 
Custom Bathing Suits

Surania sent me this super cute bathing suit that fits me like a glove. Their suits are completely customizable, so I picked out all the fabric, fit and trims, then they made it to my exact measurements. How cool, right? 


I loved rompers since they came back a couple years ago and have several. After wearing the one I wore to girls night, I've been looking for more! I've found a few I think I NEED and love that these are pretty nursing friendly to get me through this summer. Oh and they're all under $50!

Tonight is the end of year parties for both boy's baseball teams and I'm about to get to decorating, picking up cupcakes and frosting even more cupcakes! It's always so fun to see the boys get their trophies and get to hang out with their friends without a practice or game to play. 

Happy Friday, y'all! 


  1. I mean, if you get yourself a donut and then your coworker brings in donuts, you HAVE to eat two, right? ;)

  2. I've decided I need to try a romper on especially if I can find some nursing friendly options since I plan to nurse for a couple more years, I'm not convinced they will look okay on me though as I am so tall with a long torso. It doesn't hurt to try right! Girl's Night. I am so looking forward to one of those!


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