Stilettos and Diapers: Baby Update: 9 Months Old


Baby Update: 9 Months Old

Gone are the days of the baby laying down for his monthly photo shoot! I got just a couple shots before he was on the move. I decided to just follow him with the camera, as these pictures really show more what he's doing right now at 9 months! 

9 month stats: 

Weight: I thought he was at the 21lb mark, but at his 9 month physical, he was 19lbs 8.5 oz. That was almost a month ago, though, so...

Eating: All! The! Things! This guy can pack away some food. He tried chicken for the first time and loved it! He's nursing just 4-5 times a day and wants to eat food any time he possibly can. He especially loves puffs, sweet potatoes, bananas, and yogurt. 

Likes: Mickey continues to be the ultimate favorite! I think I see a 1st Birthday theme coming along! He is loving the pool, being outside, playing peek-a-boo, music and his big bros!

Dislikes: Still doesn't like to nap! He also doesn't like broccoli and isn't a huge fan of the car, but that's about it. He's pretty content. 

New this month: He has a mouth full of teeth - 7! They all seemed to come in really quickly and I'm so grateful to have a little teething break. He still isn't getting on his knees to crawl, but is insanely fast with his scoot/army crawl. He also gets way up on his hands and toes, like downward dog. It's really funny to see. He is recently pulling up on things, as you can see from the pictures. Nothing is safe! 

Happy 9 months, Linc! Just in time for you to turn 10 months next week! 

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