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Fashion || White Tassel Dress

Happy Friday! Did you think it wasn't getting here this week, too? It's been a long one around here! 

I'm IN LOVE with this white dress. It's such an easy, comfortable fit and wait for has pockets! I'm really into off the shoulder dresses, because I can wear them to nurse and basically all my other dresses are impossible right now. Thank goodness for practical trends!
Molly Suzanne white off shoulder tassel dress, lace up sandals, prada sunglasses, Amanda Overmeyer Photography
white off should tassel dress

Melvin tassel earrings, white tassel dress, off shoulder
white off shoulder tassel dress, royal tote, lace up sandals

Off shoulder white dress, lime tassel earrings, pom pom, Amanda Overmeyer Photography
How to wear white off shoulder dress, Amanda Overmeyer Photography
Off shoulder white dress, tassels, lime tassel earrings

Photos: Amanda Overmyer Photography (if you're in the Charlotte area, get with her for your baby, child, graduation, family, or whatever photos!)

Shop the look:

In case you didn't know, i't's national Cocktail Day! Like I need an excuse when 5pm rolls around today. Ha! We've been doing 22 minute Hard Corps this week and it is kicking my bootay. It's really hard, but it's only 22 minutes long, so totally doable. I better have muscles of steel in 4 weeks! 

Happy Friday, y'all! 

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