Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion || Easter and Littles Style


Fashion || Easter and Littles Style

There comes a point in motherhood that you kinda give up on dressing your kids in what you want. For me, this has happened in the past year, as my 8 year old has a ton of clothes that are "not cool". Problem is, his 4 (and a half, he'd want you to know) year old brother only wants to do what his brother does. This means no pants with buttons, no collared shirts and no dress shoes. So for Mother's Day, I decided not to fight it and just let them wear what they wanted. This also meant that as we took Callan out of the car at church, he was wearing 2 different socks with Native rubber shoes. Don't worry, we did make him take the socks off.  

When I uploaded pictures of the day and saw this one of everyone looking and smiling, I just didn't really care that they were wearing clothes more appropriate for playing outside. They're happy and are the cutest little things I've ever seen. Well, maybe not little. I think I will be passed soon! 

Mother's Day Style, Mom of 3 boys

Besides, I still have this one to stick in adorable rompers (love this gingham one!) for a couple more years! 
Mother and Son Picture
I went all the all things feminine route and lived up my solo girl in the house status for Mother's Day. 
White Maxi Dress, JJillStyle
Spring Style, White embroidered maxi dress, turquoise bag

Spring Style, White embroidered maxi dress, turquoise bag,
Ann Taylor Pendant Necklace
White embroidered maxi dress, turquoise bag, prada sunglasses
This is the second edition of Littles Style Link-Up with me and Heather! Our guest host this week is Jennifer from Life in the Green House. She has precious little ones and great style herself! Head to the bottom of this post to link up with us! 

I wanted to showcase this Heartbreaker Bag from Twisted Mustard Seed for all you moms today. It's looks can be deceiving, but inside, it's all diaper bag! There are lots of pockets, a wet/dry bag, a diaper changing pad and even a little clipped on flashlight so you can find things in the dark without waking your baby. It also has a removable strap so it can go over your shoulder. I love carrying this for errands and church, where I need the essentials, but not a huge diaper bag. (They have a really cool dad bag, too!)
Twisted Mustard Seed Bag

Twisted Mustard Seed Diaper Bag

White Maxi: J. Jill c/o | Lace-up Sandals: Charlotte Russe (only white available now, but very similar brown, too) | Turquoise Bag: Twisted Mustard Seed c/o | Pendant Necklace: Ann Taylor | Nails: Essie in Go Ginza | Sunglasses: Prada via Ditto (use code stilettodiapers for a free month) 

 Shop the look:

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