Stilettos and Diapers: May 2016


Baby Update: 8 Months Old

They say better late than never, right? This guy is 8 months and 3 weeks and I'm finally getting around to his 8 months pictures. I'm putting 9 month pictures on my todo list now...

Bella Tunno Monthly Sticker Onesie

Stilettos and Diapers, 8 month update

Bella Tunno Monthly Sticker Onesie

8 month stats: 

Weight: According to our scale, 21 lbs. I'm curious what he is at his 9 month physical next month. He's wearing mostly 12 month clothes and has really filled out in the past couple months. 

Eating: Nursing now about every 4-5 hours and definitely more interested in our food! He loves yogurt, graham crackers, pears and carrots. 

Likes: Mickey Mouse is still right up there with the things that make him squeal with delight! He loves playing with his brothers, being outside and his musical toys.  

Dislikes: Being alone and napping! He gives me about 1-2 good naps a week, but would much rather be hanging out with everyone. 

New this month: He's on the move! Not a full crawl yet, but a pretty quick scoot. He can easily make his way across the living room before I know it. His top 2 teeth are in and his eye teeth are both about to come through. He has had a bit of a hard time with his mouth bothering him lately, but overall, he's been a trooper! 

Nicknames: He is responding to his name, but we don't call him that much! We call him Linc, Lincsauce, Sauce, Lincer and Lincsterito. Nicknames are so weird, right? I have no idea were those came from!Stilettos and Diapers 8 month baby update

Lincoln is literally the happiest kid ever. It's funny, because for the first couple months, we thought he was just miserable. He cried a lot and it's amazing to see the complete 180! 

We love you Linc! 


Recipe || Clean Eating Strawberry Cream Tart

Strawberry Cream Tart, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No sugar added, Paleo
It's been a couple months since Whole30 and I was just talking to The Hubs about how it has literally changed our lives. We ate pretty healthy before, but this has taken it to a whole new level. I am SO happy about the things we've learned and the changes we've been able to make. One of those changes, is a knowledge about great substitutes to make delicious food. This strawberry tart is a good example of that! I saw a recipe for a strawberry yogurt tart in a magazine and decided to mix it up my way. 

It starts with a simple oat and coconut crust.
Coconut Crust, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No sugar added, Paleo

That's mixed with melted coconut oil and maple syrup and pressed into a springform pan. 
Coconut Tart crust, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No sugar added, Paleo
When it's baked, you have a nice crispy crust that I imagine would be great to fill many different ways. 
Coconut Crust, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No sugar added, Paleo

Here is the most fun part...coconut cream. It takes 24 hours in your fridge before you make this and I suggest using the Thai Kitchen brand of full fat coconut milk. After it sits in the refrigerator overnight, carefully flip the can over, open it and pour out the liquid. (You can save this for another recipe) The cream that is left is what you'll be whipping into delicious cream. I add pure vanilla extract and nothing else. I have seen some people add powdered sugar, but I don't think it needs it at all. 
How to make coconut cream whipped cream

Fill your crust with your fresh cream and top with strawberries. I think I'll make it again for Memorial day with a blueberry and strawberry mix!
Strawberry Cream Tart, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No sugar added, Paleo

1 cup rolled oats (use gluten free, if desired)
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
3 Tbsp melted coconut oil
2 Tbsp maple syrup

1 can coconut milk (Thai Kitchen recommended, chilled 24 hours)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract (or another flavor, if desired)

1lb strawberries, sliced
2Tbsp maple syrup


Preheat oven to 375 degrees and grease an 8" springform pan. 

Place oats and coconut in chopper and pulse into finely ground. Melt coconut oil and maple syrup together for about 25 seconds in the microwave, then pour into chopper/food processor. Pulse until combined and crumbs form. Press mixture into the bottom of prepared pan. Bake 15 minutes, or until golden brown and set. Let cool completely, then remove side of pan. 

Mix sliced strawberries with 2 Tbsp maple syrup and toss to combine. 

After the coconut milk has been in the refrigerator overnight, carefully flip the can over, open it and pour out the liquid. (You can save this for another recipe) Scoop the cream into a bowl and whip with a hand mixer until soft peaks form, about 5 minutes. Mix in extract until just combined. 

Fill cooled crust with cream mixture, then strawberry mixture. It holds up well in the refrigerator and the cream actually sets up a bit more after being re-chilled. 

Serves 8
Strawberry Cream Tart, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No sugar added, Life After Whole30

I think this would be so perfect for this Memorial Day weekend! I plan to make it with a mixture of blueberries and strawberries! 


Fashion || Floral Romper

I got this floral romper a few weeks ago now and I'm loving it. I can't resist a good floral pattern right now and this one comes in 5 different springy prints. Oh, and you can PRIME it! So getting it before the weekend is totally a possibility. 
Floral Romper, Downtown Mooresville, NC, Amanda Overmyer Photography
Floral Romper, GiGi New York Clutch
Open top peep toe booties
Floral Romper, Downtown Mooresville, NC, Amanda Overmyer Photography

Affordable Floral Romper
Floral Romper, GiGi New York Clutch, Taupe Booties
A lariat necklace is a big piece for summer. This one is super affordable and I've worn it multiple times already. I think it would be so pretty with a bathing suit. You know, when I go to the beach sans kids. Haha. 
Lariat Necklace Cheap

Floral Romper, Downtown Mooresville, NC, Amanda Overmyer Photography

Floral Romper, Downtown Mooresville, NC, Amanda Overmyer Photography

Romper (I'm usually a small and ordered a medium for reference)| Clutch | Necklace | Sunglasses | Booties: sold out, similar here (40% off!) and here or here! | Nails (All or Nothing) 

Shop the look:


Family Pool Time + Mom's Pool Bag Essentials

One of the perks of southern living, is that our neighborhood pool has been opened for nearly 3 weeks. The pool is somewhere that we spend a ton of time in the summer and probably my boys favorite activity. I love it, too, since it keeps the boys active, they play well together there and I can semi-relax while keeping an eye on them. This year will be a little different with Lincoln, but I'm hoping for some morning pool time with coordinating stroller naps under the cabana fans!
Family Springtime Snacking with CVS Gold Emblem
Stilettos and Diapers Family

The boys are always happy when we go to the pool during the week, but on the weekends when dad comes with us? They're in their glory. Dad is a little braver than I am and also doesn't mind getting his hair wet. Hehe. 
Stilettos and Diapers Family

Stilettos and Diapers Family

Stilettos and Diapers Family

Stilettos and Diapers Family

Stilettos and Diapers Family

Stilettos and Diapers Family
Sometimes, I feel like a pack mule when we're getting ready for the pool. Between the kids, their floats and our essentials, I'm loaded down! We always opt to drive the short distance so we're not exhausted when we get there and I've tried to simplify what I bring. What are my essentials? 
Mom Pool bag essentials with CVS Gold Emblem Abound
Sunscreen - I usually put it on the boys before we even leave the house, so I don't have to fight them once we get to the pool, but we stay plenty of time to require another coat.

Towels - Obvious one, right? I do always keep a couple extra in my car for when we leave the pool, so that there are dry ones to sit on. 

Towel Clips - Since I'm up and down a million times from the chair, towel clips are totally my new favorite thing. How cute are these flamingo ones?
CVS Boca Flamingo Towel Clips

Sunglasses - Even for the smallest member of the family!
Seltzer - I'm having a moment with seltzer. There are so many yummy flavors and it's nice to have something fruity and delicious without calories. (I make sure to only get ones with nothing but natural flavor added!)

Snacks - I would say for every hour we're at the pool, my boys want at least one snack. These boys are always hungry! Since finishing Whole30, I've been far more careful about what we're eating and that means some different snacks for the boys, too. The Gold Emblem Abound line at CVS has continued to impress me with tons of snacks that have no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. The fruit and veggie snack bars (no sugar added!) are a favorite of the boys, while the pistachio almond blend, or blueberry lemon almond crunch are mine. Right now, I have granola bars, trail mixes, popcorn, rice crisps and veggie chips all in my pantry. All of which are really delicious and make great snacks for pool day!

Side note: CVS now offers Express service, which means you don't have to get out of the car! Simply order online or via the app, drive to the store and when you pull into the designated spot, they are alerted by the location on your app to bring your purchase to your car. I mean. It's a mom's paradise! I even ordered some new nail polish with my snacks last time.

Family Springtime Snacking with CVS Gold Emblem
Family Springtime Snacking with CVS Gold Emblem

Wet Bag - These can be great for anyone's wet things, but especially if you have one in swimming diapers. When you change your little one into a dry diaper/clothes, a wet bag is perfect for the wet bathing suit. 

Music - If your kids like music as much as mine do, I'm sure you bring it to the pool! I don't recommend being the obnoxious mom with the ground shaking bass, but we often have the pool to ourselves in the morning and I turn on the music through my phone and a small portable speaker. 

What are your pool essentials? Do you end up taking lot's of snacks to the pool, too? 

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about their tasty and better-for-you Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem abound exclusive snack lines. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers. 


Fashion || Whites and Stripes

I don't know about where you live, but it's cold and rainy here. By cold, I mean 60, but that is not okay for NC in May! 

I wore this outfit last week when it wasn't so bad out, but I've thrown this striped scarf on a few times lately to keep warm, especially when I'm running out in the morning. 
Grey Tee, White Shorts, Striped Scarf, Amanda Overmyer Photography
Downtown Mooresville, Amanda Overmyer Photography
Mom casual: White shorts, grey tee, striped scarf, lace up tassel sandals
lace up sandals, white tote, white shorts,

black and white striped scarf, j crew,

White tote, grey and white, lace up sandals

I kicked up my favorite comfy shorts and tee with the fun sandals and scarf to make this every day outfit a little less boring! There is literally nothing in this outfit over $50. 

I was feeding Lincoln some carrot/spinach/rice concoction last night, while sitting right in front of his high chair. He gets super excited when he sees food and spit the mix all over me while trying to take a bite. I just so happened to be wearing $150 jeans, which made me think I should stick to the every piece under $50 for these years of my life. Haha. This look is mom-propriate. Well, maybe minus the white shorts! 

Shop the look:

Happy Friday, y'all! 


Must Have Beach Accessories

Who's planning a beach getaway soon?! We're not going until July, but I'm totally ready for my toes in the sand! 

I've gotten all prepared in the swimsuit department with a couple new ones this year. I couldn't resist this palm tree one, or this cute one piece. I am loving that one piece suits are so much cuter than they used to be, because they're just easier for baby chasing. While swimsuits are the main thing I prepare for before the beach, super cute accessories are a must have, too!

Best beach accessories, donut towel, flamingo float, beach radio, ice cream phone

I love this fringe coverup, too, and it's on sale, plus 30% off all swim and coverups with SAVE30SWIM! 


Yardwork, Bonfires and Family

We've been doing a little bit of yard work every weekend for the past few. One downfall of new construction home buying, is that you don't really get much excitement when it comes to landscaping. And by not much excitement, I mean a dirt backyard and about 10 plants. 

We have big plans for beds around different parts of the house, as well as a walkway and fire pit. After getting some quotes, we've decided that we're going the manual labor route that we did in our last house and are doing it ourselves. I know it will take awhile, but there's an awesome sense of pride (and a ton of money savings) in finishing these projects on our own. Even if it does take us weekends on end. 

I will say, that while it's been work, it's been a lot of fun having the whole family outside together. This guy is especially fond of sitting on the blanket in the shade and taking it all in. 
Stilettos and Diapers

This weekend, we finally finished a bed we've been working on behind the basketball hoop, complete with some flowers that have been thriving for nearly a month. It's practically a miracle! We also finished a bed on the side of our house to run alongside our walkway that we hope to be done in the next couple of months. 
Stilettos and Diapers

Stilettos and Diapers
While there's a lot more playing than helping from the boys, they love to get involved, too. I'm a sucker for the little character gardening gloves!
Stilettos and Diapers
Stilettos and Diapers

Stilettos and Diapers

While we were dreaming big dreams of our soon to be built fire pit, we decided that instead of waiting on our easy peasy gas one, we needed to have a bonfire in our little pit. The boys absolutely love it and I love anything that we all can do together and enjoy. 
Springtime snacking, CVS Gold Emblem, Family Time

When I was out at CVS this week grabbing some of my favorite Gold Emblem Abound snacks, (no artificial preservatives or flavors in the whole line make them our go-to snacks and these are my boys faves!) I saw this box of organic honey grahams that we hadn't tried before. I knew we would be out working in the yard and hoped s'mores were in our future. 
Springtime snacking with CVS Gold Emblem Abound
It wasn't quite dark enough for a fire, but we don't like to mess with bedtime around here. 
Family time bonfires

Family time s'mores

Cooper loves to set his marshmallow on fire. I LOVE this pic The Hubs grabbed of his cooking process! 
Stilettos and Diapers

Stilettos and Diapers

I sat back on the swing under our deck and couldn't feel more happy for this crazy, messy, wonderful life. No, the grass isn't filled in, there's no fancy stone seating around a beautiful fire pit just yet, but this view is perfectly beautiful to me. 
Stilettos and Diapers

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about their tasty and better-for-you Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem abound exclusive snack lines. 

All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.
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