Stilettos and Diapers: Weekend Wrap-Up: Baseball Time


Weekend Wrap-Up: Baseball Time

It's Monday again?! Our weekend was crazy busy and for the third Monday in a row, I was woken up in the wee hours with vomiting people. At least we got the weekend in healthy, right? 

Baseball started this week and oh my gosh. I LOVE baseball season. We've watched several of the Met games on TV already, but my favorite ones to watch are these boys. 

Family Baseball, I love my baseball boy tank via Molly Suzanne
People were asking about my shirt and it's from my boutique, Molly Suzanne. I like ordering things that I want to wear! Now if it will just warm up, I can wear it without covering it up!
I Love My Baseball Boy Tank, Molly Suzanne
Friday night was GNO with the neighborhood girls. I ate the spiciest sushi ever and we walked to get froyo to wash it all down with. Which, btw, outside of a slice of pizza, it was my first post Whole30 dairy. And my stomach didn't love it. It sure was good, though! 

Menchies Froyo
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We started bright and early at the ball field on Saturday. Where we will be living for the rest of the spring! Coop is playing machine pitch and it's getting pretty competitive. I'm trying to not be "that mom".

You haven't seen adorable chaos until you watch a t-ball game! At one point, there were 3 kids on second base. There were tons of laughs, lots of kids cheering for their "home runs" and moms with cameras like whoa. Callan is sure they "rocked that team" even though they don't keep score!

Lincoln was a total trooper through nearly 5 chilly, windy hours at the ball park. I wanted to snuggle right in that stroller with him!
Quinny Moodd, Maxi-Cosi Mico AP
Saturday night was one of my great friend's Birthday party. We celebrated at Sweet Grass Home with a wine and craft night. You can pick any kind of pallet craft and we had such a blast hanging out together! 
Your limitation isn't what you don't have, but what you don't use. Steven Furtick
My picture is hidden, but it says "Your limitation isn't what you don't have, but what you don't use". One of my favorite quotes from our Pastor. 
Sweet Grass Home Wine and Craft Girls Night
Sunday was church and I always look forward to dressing up a little. But I overslept, didn't have time to wash my hair and ended up in jeans. Ha! I also almost put Lincoln in the nursery, but couldn't do it. Am I the only mom that holds their kid in the overflow room? I'm just so worried that he will be crying and want me. Or that he'll get sick. Mercy knows I don't need anymore germs around here! 
Striped Poncho, tassel backpack, prada sunglasses
Later on, we, along with the rest of our town, went to Lowe's to get plants. We have 4 beds we're trying to create and we got 1 done. No landscaping is the worst part about buying a new construction house. We have front beds with basic plants, but nothing pretty. And I have a black thumb so...
We'll see how they survive! I did dig and plant while drinking a mojito. I missed fun drinks while on Whole30, but taking that long break makes one taste even better now! 
I read from Brittany this morning that she uses agave in her cocktails. Have you tried that? I just skipped all sweetener, but it could use a little something to cut the tart lime! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

(Baseball is our jam right now, but check out our other family night traditions! You can win a $100 Visa gift card!)


  1. Oh my! I want that tank! Do you think you will get any more smalls?

    1. Yes! I have more on the way. They sold out quickly!

    2. Yay! I would love to get one when you get them in. You can email me at and I will buy one! They are SO cute!


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