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Mother's Day Gift: Mom's Day Off

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Whenever I'm asked what I want for a holiday, I always know the answer. It's also one that The Hubs can't exactly wrap up, so it isn't his favorite. But, while I absolutely adore my children, there's nothing more invigorating, relaxing and makes me more grateful for my gaggle of littles, than a Mom's Day Off. No requests or demands. No cleaning, bootie wiping, or cooking. A complete day off. 

What does my perfect Mom's day off consist of? To start, coffee. 

The best day starts with a cup of coffee, finished before it gets cold. Sitting at an outdoor cafe table, being able to mindlessly scroll the internet without a care in the world, makes it even better. 
#MomsDayOffContest, Crocs

#MomsDayOffContest, Crocs

If I ever have time to myself, shopping is always involved. Anyone who has tried on clothes with a stroller in the fitting room, knows you have to jump at the solo chance! With shoes made for lots of walking, the Crocs and I hit the road.
Crocs Leigh II
When I shop alone, it's me and my wallet. No diaper bag, no stroller, just a hand for my drink and some serious rack digging.
Crocs Leigh II, Mom Shopping, Half Bun

Once I'm worn out from the shopping, it's relaxing time. I love sitting by the pool. Reading a magazine. Getting a tan. Taking a nap. But none of that can happen if you're watching kids do all their fun pool tricks, while simultaneously spraying you in the face with water. To sit by the pool alone is rather heavenly, even before it's quite swimming temperatures. 
Pool time, La Croix

#MomsDayOffContest, Crocs Isabella Sandal

Mom time at the pool

Stilettos and Diapers, Half bun, Prada Sunglasses, Crocs

But what's a Mom's day off without some girlfriends? Finishing the day with a dinner I don't have to cook, a meal I don't have to get up during and a cocktail I can drink guilt free is the icing on my mom's day off cake. 
Moms night out, cocktails, girlfriends

Feel free to pass this post along to your man as a serious hint before Mother's Day! But if he ins't the hint taking kind, take matters into your own hands. Crocs is hosting a #MomsDayOffContest and wants to send you on your own day off! 10 winners will receive a $50 Crocs gift card and $100 to pay for your day. An additional 50 runner ups will receive a $50 Crocs gift card. You can use those to buy yourself some of the adorable sandals I wore in my Moms Day Off!

Follow Crocs on Twitter or Instagram and tag a picture with the #MomsDayOffContest hashtag to be entered! See official rules here

What your ideal Mom's Day Off look like?

Thank you, Crocs, for sponsoring this post. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. A day of pampering!! Massage, Pedicure and Wine!!!

  2. Definitely a day without cooking & cleaning & running after a toddler. That would be soo relaxing!

  3. A cup of coffee at a cafe (a quiet one!), shopping, lunch, a nice walk outside for a workout (or a pedicure instead!) and then dinner out with lots of wine! Sounds heavenly!

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  5. Starbucks, pedicure, reading by a pool, dinner with cocktails and a night in a hotel alone...not that I've thought about it or anything ����

  6. Massage, nap, and wine 🙌🏼

  7. Sleeping in, coffee, and a day shopping is my ideal day!

  8. Sleeping through the night for the first time in the 16 months since my son was born, coffee, a magazine or two, shopping for a little something for me (!), and then back to my little ones and hubby, who I can't really bear to be away from for too long without missing them!

  9. I would sleep through the night, have a great breakfast I'd didn't have to cook with lots of coffee, spend the day out shopping for a new bag (my weakness), and meet my hubs for a lunch date. The kids would go to bed early that night and we could relax and watch a movie from home. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

  10. My ideal Mother's Day would be spent going to the spa and getting pampered from head to toe! #MomsDayOffContest




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