Stilettos and Diapers: 8 years of Cooperman.


8 years of Cooperman.

From this chunky newborn (his birth story is here),
To this confident 8 year old. 

One who happens love baseball,

And is the greatest biggest brother ever. 
I can't believe how fast 8 years has gone by. I feel like it was yesterday that we were in California, welcoming our firstborn into the world and stumbling our way through parenthood. Seeing how grown he is now is making me evaluate how I see life. I'm not wishing away the sleepless nights I have right now. They'll be gone before I know it! 

I want to do as much as possible to really enjoy these years with my boys. Vacations, ignoring cleaning for fun, saying yes more, choosing what is most important. This motherhood thing is the most magical in all the world! 

Happy 8th Birthday, my sweet Cooperman! I love your kind heart, the way you do math for fun and how encouraging you are. You are an incredible baseball player with tons of talent and can totally give me a run for my money in Just Dance! You have your own sense of style and a very sophisticated palate. You are sensitive, but strong and adore your brothers. We are so very grateful for you in our family! 

We love you! 


  1. Motherhood is the best! Happy birthday to your sweet boy! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas


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