Stilettos and Diapers: Whole30: Week 2 Progress and Meal Plan


Whole30: Week 2 Progress and Meal Plan

Here we are! Week 2 of Whole30 and I'm just in shock that I haven't eaten sugar in 2 weeks. It's a huge deal for me! Here is my diary of thoughts and meal plan for week 2! (If you missed week 1, you can see it here)

Whole 30, week 2 meal plan and progress

Day 8: I felt bloated today for some reason, but feel good otherwise. I found compliant almond milk, so I think coffee is about to be enjoyable again. I can't handle the coconut milk oiliness!
Whole 30 weekly menu

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, homemade sausage, fruit

Lunch: Lettuce boats with Applegate oven roasted turkey (get it from the deli counter!), guacamole and bacon. Sugar snap peas and a few roasted sweet potato rounds. 
Dinner: Rotisserie chicken, spaghetti squash, steamed broccoli.
Snack: Key Lime Pie Larabar

Day 9: I had the Califia Almond Milk today and it's made my coffee delicious again. Not sugary sweet, just a touch of cream. And let's face it. I haven't slept in 6 months. I need my coffee. 

Whole 30 recipes with pictures

Breakfast: Sausage and spinach omelet, berries

Lunch: Zucchini noodles with leftover rotisserie chicken, shredded carrots, garlic and coconut aminos, all sautéed for a few minutes in sesame oil. So good! 
Dinner: Buffalo chicken fingers were a hit! (Tenders breaded in almond meal and baked. Sauce is Franks original red hot, warmed with a little ghee.) Roasted potato "fries" and salad with Tessemae's Ranch dressing
Snack: Apple with almond butter

Day 10: I'm really trying to up my water intake, which means I'm going to the bathroom every 3.4 minutes. But, I know that will help to flush those toxins out! I can't believe this is the biggest day people quit. I feel like I've accomplished far too much to stop now! 

Whole 30 lunch ideas

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash with an egg

Lunch: Salad with leftover rotisserie chicken and Tessemae's ranch dressing and guacamole. I've learned if you add a little guac to your salad, you need far less dressing. And it's delicious! 
Dinner: The Pioneer Woman Hamburger Soup (This was good, easy and made for perfect leftovers.)
Snack: Pear and cashews

Day 11: This weeks meals are a bit repetitive since The Hubs is out of town. It's way easier to have all this stuff ready to go in the fridge. I think I'll plan to make a couple things in bigger portions to simplify the next couple weeks, too. 

Whole 30 menu with pictures

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, homemade sausage, blueberries.

Lunch: Leftover hamburger soup
Dinner: Salad with leftover buffalo chicken tenders and guac!
Snack: Apple with almond butter

Day 12: Friday! I really wanted a glass of wine today. Like seriously thought about cheating and having a bottle glass. I think part of it was because The Hubs came home from Chicago and I just wanted our normal little "date night" to chat about our week. That time of the month also came around, so that may have contributed. 
Whole 30, paleo meal plan

Breakfast: Sweet potato hash. 
Lunch: Leftovers: 1/2 a burger on avocado, hotdog and sauerkraut, spaghetti squash, broccoli
Dinner: My favorite dinner yet! Damn Delicious Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce. I omitted the parmesan and replaced the heavy cream with coconut milk. It turned out great. Served with mashed potatoes (made with coconut milk) and sautéed spinach. 
Snack: Fruit and Veggie Snack Bar

Day 13: We were non stop busy this day and I packed lunch to eat in between basketball games. It felt so good to do that instead of eating out! I had a really bad stomach ache in the afternoon, though. My only reasoning was maybe from scarfing down food out of the tailgate and rushing? No clue. I went to the movies with Cooper and had water! Afterwards, we went for ice cream with his friends. I ordered decaf iced coffee and brought some almond milk for it. Didn't feel like I was missing out at all! 
Whole 30 paleo, clean eating meal ideas and menu

Breakfast: Frittata muffins with sausage and spinach.
Lunch: Lettuce boats with turkey, bacon, avocado and tomatoes with a side of pineapple. Becoming a go-to!
Dinner: Roast that I cooked in the crock pot all day with red potatoes, carrots and onion. 
Snack: Lemon Bar Larabar. I think I've decided this is my favorite.  

Day 14: I woke up with a raging headache. Maybe it's hormonal. I'm going to guzzle water today. Had my favorite meal tonight, which really feels like a cheat and it's not! 

Sweet potato hash, whole 30, menu

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash with eggs. Which I need a break from. It's so good, but I want it to keep being so good, so I must take next week off! 
Lunch: 1/2 avocado, Applegate Oven Roasted Turkey and an apple. 
Dinner: Burgers on lettuce buns, Applegate natural beef hotdog with sauerkraut, roasted sweet potato fries. 
Snack: Monkey salad: frozen pineapple, sliced banana, cashews and a scoop of almond butter topped with shredded coconut. 

I felt far more confident in my meals this week, knowing exactly what was okay to use and not. I planned every meal out, but this week, I will probably be a bit more fluid with breakfast and lunch. It's still essential I have healthy things stocked, though. I'm eating a couple snacks a day, to make sure my milk supply is sustained. I haven't seen any decrease at all, which is a big relief! 

My friends are continuing to be a huge support. One talked me off the ledge when I wanted wine and being in a FB group with Lisa has helped a ton for sharing recipes and accountability! 

My clothes are fitting better and I can see a noticeable difference when I look at my stomach. I'm really feeling good and excited! 


  1. I love that you're sharing your meals!! I get into the same old funk and forget about other ways to include whole foods. Great job mama!!

  2. I love whole 30! Proud of you!!


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