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Fashion || Leather Casual

Leather and nikes.

While I love to wear heels, lately I've been finding myself in sneakers on a regular basis. I guess that's what happens when you're on baby #3! This pair is one of my favorites, being a bit more chic than others. 
leather jacket with high low tee

Another thing that has seen a lot of me lately? This stroller. Not only is it beautiful, but it's the easiest to open/close and push ever. And people stop me all the time to ask about it!
Quinny Moodd black and white review
Leather moto jacket, distressed jeans
How to wear leather casually
Leather jacket, red lips

Lincoln loves riding in here, sitting up and being in the action. The seat can turn around the other way if we go on walks and I want him to be facing me. 
6 month old Quinny Moodd

Quinny Moodd, Forward facing seat

Jeans: Levis | Jacket: sold out, almost identical | Shirt: TJ Maxx, similar | Stroller: Quinny ℅ | Shoes: Nike | Sunnies: Prada via Ditto (use STILETTODIAPERS for a free month of the Endless Eyewear program!)


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  1. That stroller is really cool looking! I also really like the tennis shoes.


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