Stilettos and Diapers: Ohio Road Trip


Ohio Road Trip

Last week was 2 of my sisters Birthdays, so my mom came here and we road tripped with Callan and Lincoln to Ohio. We drove about 5 hours in the snow and it was bitterly cold. Like 10 degrees worth of miserable. This was the view of of my sisters back yard when we got there. 
Callan went out in it and promptly wanted to come back in. It was windy and he did not like snow in his face!
I was quite content to drink coffee and hang out with the kids inside.
The second day, there was more snow, but less blowing. Cal got up the nerve to play with his cousins a bit, but was in within 10 minutes! 

It was Lincoln's first time away from home and he did so great. He slept in his DocATot right in bed with me. 

Birthday celebration #1 was at the local Mexican restaurant, where I was forced to drink a coronaita. Okay, maybe I was told once and jumped on the train. 

We spent far too much time at a Pottery Barn outlet close-by and a couple of those pretty lanterns came home with me. 

We had another birthday celebration at my sister's pretty new house. That one was full of laughs, selfies and something called slutty brownies. I can't say I encourage eating more than a 2" square. Those suckers are rich! 

My younger sister recently moved to Ohio and my nephews and niece are getting completely because of her!

This was one of my favorite pics of the night. Obviously, something was hysterical. 

Callan wanted everyone to know he's 4! (And he will NOT take that hat off his head!)

So grateful to have some fun times with mom and sisters. Distance may separate us, but our hearts are together forever! 

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  1. Such fun times!! Looks like you had a blast! Love your blog!!

    Xox Dana Ivy //


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