Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion || Snow Day Cozy


Fashion || Snow Day Cozy

This look is from last weekend when we were piled out in the snow. Very different from the weekend we just had, where we were sitting outside, in nearly 60 degree weather watching  baseball practice! 
Snow, Red Coat, Lands End Snow Boots,
Grey Cable Knit Beanie, Red Toggle Coat

Red Winter Coat, Leggings, Snow Boots

Duck Boots, No Nonsense Boot Socks Giveaway

Red Toggle Coat, Duck Boots

Coat: Old Gap, similar here and shorter version here | Leggings: J. Jill favorites | Boots: Rack Room Shoes (extra 20% off with code BOOTYAHH) | Boot Socks: No Nonsense | Sweater: H&M, similarHat: J. Jill | Gloves: Target

I have gotten quite the collection of boot socks this winter. I love the layered look, especially with leggings! This pair from No Nonsense is a mid-calf height, perfect for these duck boots in the snow! Do you need boot socks? Leave me a comment below and No Nonsense will send 3 of you a pair! 

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  1. I could really use a pair of boot socks! Nice outfit!

  2. I'd love a pair of boot socks for all the snow we get here!

  3. Boot socks would be great! Love this look!

  4. I love boot socks!! So cute for the layered look!

  5. Love the coat! And socks are always last on my list to replace, sadly, so this is a great giveaway!!

  6. I love boot socks! I recently got a pair of duck boots and I love them. So great for Iowa winters!

  7. I love the layered look and would love a pair of boot socks!!

  8. I've been looking for a good pair of boot socks!


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