Stilettos and Diapers: Baby Update: 5 Months Old!


Baby Update: 5 Months Old!

Trying to not shed tears about my baby being 5 months old as of yesterday. I say it every month, but time is flying! We were just talking about the differences in first and a third born. This poor kid doesn't have much of a schedule and has no choice but to go with the flow. He napped in the school cafeteria today! 
5 Month Baby Update with Bella Tunno

5 Month Baby Update

5 Month Baby Update with sticker onesie
5 Month Baby Update
5 Month Baby Update

Bella Tunno Monthly Sticker Onesie

I'm not exactly sure how much he weighs, since there is no doctor check up at 5 months, but according to my postal scale, he's 15lbs 4 oz! This month, he has really started to pay attention to things around him. He loves to be in the highchair in the kitchen while I cook dinner and to watch his brothers play. He's "talking" a ton and it is the most precious thing in the whole world. If you are on snapchat (I'm stilettodiapers), you'll see a lot of his chattiness! 

In an attempt to get him to sleep better, we started rice cereal a couple weeks ago. I first tried it in a bottle with his night feeding, but he seems to prefer it out of a spoon. He loves it! Although, it didn't do much to help sleeping. So, I decided to give him some formula, just after he nurses at bedtime. He'll only take about an ounce, but it seems to help a bit! Most days, I feel extremely guilty for giving him any formula, since I nursed both the other boys 12+ months. But others, I feel like if it's helping us both sleep better, then who cares! 

We really need to transition (I think) out of a nighttime swaddle. Aren't you supposed to do that when they're getting wiggly? But back to that whole not sleeping's even worse without the swaddle on. So, if you have any tips for that process, I'd love to know them! 

Now do you see why half my Instagram feed is coffee pictures? Hehe.

Hope y'all have a great weekend! We're going to be cheering on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday! My dining room is all blue and white and ready to party. I can't wait to show you next week! 

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  1. Try a zipadeezip. They have a Facebook page. My 8 month old loves them. They keep her warm and she sleeps so well. She loved to be swaddled, but I had to find an alternative after she started rolling. I swear by these!

  2. My baby is less than a month older than yours and isn't sleeping through the night either. The worse part of it all is that I do t drink coffee. I have no idea how I make it at work.

  3. Try 'The NAPS Plan' by Dr Polly Moore, it helped us so much! Also, do a dream feed around 11pm to help get through the night food wise. Good luck mama!

  4. I feel like this may be my favorite month so far! My little girl is 5 months old too! She has such a personality and is so determined to be independent! She is trying to crawl already! I know what you mean about the swaddle! I was so sad when we had to give hers up (she was too) because she started rolling, but we rolled up blankets hotdog style and kind of squeezed her in between them for a few days and she made the transition well! Hope that is helpful for you! He is adorable!


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