Stilettos and Diapers: February 2016


Whole 30: Week 1 Meal Plan

Well, it's been 1 whole week and I can say this Whole30 thing is way easier than I thought. Sure I've had my moments of wanting junk, but I feel good. Here is my diary of thoughts and foods for the first week! 

Day 1: I'm feeling pretty good. Pretty baller, actually. My coffee was terrible with a splash of coconut milk this morning. I brewed some creme brûlée flavored stuff this afternoon and it's way better black. Is that even allowed? Whoops. My meals were all really good, but I'd love some dark chocolate. 
Whole30 Meal plan, week 1 with pictures
Breakfast: Frittata Muffins, cantaloupe 
Lunch: Oriental Chicken Salad (I added some regular lettuce and broccoli slaw instead of purple cabbage in the recipe) *Edit - this recipe isn't on her site anymore, but there's a link where you can download this recipe. 
Dinner: Flank steak, asparagus and cherry tomatoes, roasted sweet potato wedges
Snack: Banana with almond butter

Day 2: I'm surprised that I don't feel starving. I did notice last night that my wedding ring slid right off at bedtime without it's normal nighttime tightness. I do have a little bit of a headache, but maybe I'm detoxing? 

Whole30 Meal plan, week 1 with pictures

Breakfast: Scramble with peppers, onions and spinach. Side of 1/2 avocado and sautéed potato rounds. 
Lunch: Salad with leftover flank steak, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, avocado, green beans, pecans and homemade balsamic vinaigrette
Dinner: Wild salmon with mango salsa, roasted potatoes and green beans. 
Snack: Lemon bar Larabar

Day 3: I'm in the mad at everyone phase. I thought it took longer for that? Haha. I have a headache and feel bloated. Which is so not cool. Doesn't help that The Hubs is gone and I'm solo momming it tonight! 

Whole 30 meal plan

Breakfast: Sweet potato and homemade sausage hash with an over easy egg. 
Dinner: Turkey, bacon, tomato and avocado skewers
Snack: Apple Pie Larabar and seltzer

Day 4: My head didn't hurt at all until a little at night. I ate a ton of snacks today, but I'm not giving myself a hard time for that. It's all healthy and I'm breastfeeding, so lay off me! (I kid!)
whole30, week 1 progress

Breakfast: 2 eggs over easy, homemade hash brown patties and kiwi.
Lunch: Random leftovers: steak, asparagus, tomatoes, plus some carrots dipped in guacamole. 
Dinner: Grilled chicken, marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and basil, baked new potatoes and brussel sprouts with red onion and bacon. 
Snack: Pineapple Upside Down Cake Larabar and lime seltzer. 

Day 5: I feel really good. I feel alert and wide awake, even though I wake up 4-5 (or 12) times a night with Lincoln. My stomach is flat and my headache is gone completely. I went through Target today and felt so good for not buying crap! Then I headed to the car and ate the salad I packed for a busy day. 
whole30 progress

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash, 2 fried eggs
Dinner: Burger on lettuce "bun" with guacamole and onion, hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard, carrots and roasted potatoes. 
Snack: Black iced coffee and an apple later on. 

Day 6: The Hubs threatens to quit all the time, which is tempting...but I feel good. I'm wanting to see it through. I feel like my head is less itchy, surprisingly. Not less flaky, so we'll see what time does for that. 
whole30 tips, 1 week progress

Breakfast: Spinach Omelet, topped with avocado and cherry tomatoes. 
Lunch: Leftovers: Burger with toppings, Oriental Chicken Salad, roasted potatoes. 
Dinner: Fajita salad: lettuce topped with sautéed chicken, peppers and onions, guacamole and salsa. 
Snack: La Croix and pistachios. 

Day 7: We rushed out the door for church, but I had made boiled eggs and sausage patties the night before, thank goodness! The Hubs sister was in town and we went out to lunch with her. It was our first time eating out on this, but I was happy and felt good sticking to the plan! 
whole30 meal plan and progress

Breakfast: Boiled Egg, 2 sausage patties, banana with almond butter
Lunch: Out! Ordered a build your own salad with romaine, avocado, red pepper, red onion, carrots, black olives, tomatoes, tossed in oil and vinegar, then topped with a plain burger. 
Dinner: Mahi Mahi with mango salsa, green beans, roasted potatoes. 
Snack: La Croix and Cheery Pie Larabar

The biggest part of success is being prepared and support. Be ready for meal times to prevent being hungry and support when you're ready to throw in the towel. My friend Lisa, as well as some local friends are doing it at the same time as me and have been a HUGE support during the tough times! 

Some tips to get you started: 

-Buy tons of meat, potatoes and veggies.
-Make this mayo and this sausage. They're tricky to find compliant ones. 
-Buy coconut aminos. (Use in place of soy sauce. I can only find from Amazon or Whole Foods)
-Trader Joes had the best selection of compliant foods for decent prices. Grab their coconut flour, dried, unsweetened fruit, dried plantains and cauliflower rice. 

I have a few new recipes I'm excited to try this week and will post again next Monday with week 2 progress! I also have a list of the things I think I'll add back in and things I'll leave out, but I'm absolutely sticking to a version of this long term. I feel that good! 

FYI, tomorrow's post was written far before Whole30 started. You'll see why! :)


Fashion || Weekend Cozy

I love dressing up, but most days I wear a momiform of sorts. Comfortable clothes, kid chasing shoes and pieces that don't mind some ketchup or spit up on them! 

Over the weekend, we ended up at a pretty park while on a Sunday drive. I think it must make us old souls, to love loading up and driving aimlessly, just to see what we find. 

White sweater, cognac backpack, skinny distressed jeans. @Jjillstyle

Mom style, leather cognac backpack, #jjillstyle
Distressed skinny jeans, leopard flats
leopard sneakers, open knit sweater, distressed jeans

Open knit sweater, distressed jeans
J. Jill Backpack #jjillstyle

Jeans: Levis | Sweater: J. Jill c/o | Backpack: J. Jill c/o | Shoes: Target last year, nearly identical here for 70% off! 

Shop the look:

I love this transition sweater and plan to wear it over a swimsuit this summer. Pieces that I can move through more than one season are always winners in my book! 


Whole 30 Monday!

Happy Monday! Before I get started with my random diet nonsense, I'm guest posting over at So Loved Co. today. It's a great blog, started by a former coworker of mine and it's filled with inspirational stories of motherhood. You moms need to check it out! 

Okay, today is day 1 of Whole30 for me. I've been wanting to do it for awhile now, but the timing hasn't been great. Of course today, I have a sick child, a baby right on the verge of a tooth coming in and need several more things from the store. It's true that there is no perfect time, so I'm actually glad I just started. The Hubs is doing it with me, along with a couple friends. It's really nice to have some support! 

I know it's super bandwagon-y of me to do this, but I'm not doing it for the weight loss. I am actually at my pre-pregnancy weight, I think because I usually try to eat pretty clean. It isn't much of a departure from my normal 3 meals, however, I'm a massive snacker and have a sweet tooth that is currently unfulfilled and making me twitch. I love a little chocolate in the afternoon along with a cup of coffee. Those are the habits I hope this 30 days helps to break. I've been struggling with eczema and psoriasis for most of my life and I'm really curious to see if this will help it at all. 

If you're not familiar with the diet, you can see all sorts of info on the Whole30 website. Basically, it's 3o days of no sugar, grains, alcohol, dairy or anything artificial. Lots of lean protein, veggies, some fruits and good fats. You can also eat sweet and regular potatoes and I will make sure I'm eating enough of those since I am still breastfeeding. 

I found lots of good stuff at Trader Joes. It's hard to find some things without added sugar! 
Whole 30 shopping Trader Joes
This blog will not become all about Whole30, but I think I will post a little recap for the 4 Mondays that I will be on it. I've taken pictures of my food so far, so I'll share them in case anyone else is looking for inspiration. There is a ton of good recipes on Pinterest. 

We finished off our opened bottles of wine last night and today I'm feeling pretty good so far. I'll let you know how long it lasts! 


Fashion || Snow Americana

Boy am I glad I'm writing this post from 55 degree Charlotte today! It was all I could do to stand outside in Ohio for these few pictures last week. This would be what I would wear for July 4th. You know, if it were in the dead of winter. 
White jeans, red hunter boots, navy stripe sweater.

fashion: navy and white stripes

red hunter boots, white jeans, striped sweater

grey and navy striped sweater via J. Jill.

Sweater: J. Jill | Jeans: J. Crew | Boots: Hunter | Scarf: Old, similar 

I adore this striped sweater from J. Jill. It has cute zippers on the shoulders and is super soft. I'll probably be wearing it with white shorts when we are in NY for July 4th this summer! 

We had friends in town this week who left this morning. I'm working on getting the house cleaned up and ready for next week, so we can relax this weekend. Between company and travel on mine and The Hubs part, we haven't had a solo night in a couple of weeks! 

Happy Friday, y'all! 


Ohio Road Trip

Last week was 2 of my sisters Birthdays, so my mom came here and we road tripped with Callan and Lincoln to Ohio. We drove about 5 hours in the snow and it was bitterly cold. Like 10 degrees worth of miserable. This was the view of of my sisters back yard when we got there. 
Callan went out in it and promptly wanted to come back in. It was windy and he did not like snow in his face!
I was quite content to drink coffee and hang out with the kids inside.
The second day, there was more snow, but less blowing. Cal got up the nerve to play with his cousins a bit, but was in within 10 minutes! 

It was Lincoln's first time away from home and he did so great. He slept in his DocATot right in bed with me. 

Birthday celebration #1 was at the local Mexican restaurant, where I was forced to drink a coronaita. Okay, maybe I was told once and jumped on the train. 

We spent far too much time at a Pottery Barn outlet close-by and a couple of those pretty lanterns came home with me. 

We had another birthday celebration at my sister's pretty new house. That one was full of laughs, selfies and something called slutty brownies. I can't say I encourage eating more than a 2" square. Those suckers are rich! 

My younger sister recently moved to Ohio and my nephews and niece are getting completely because of her!

This was one of my favorite pics of the night. Obviously, something was hysterical. 

Callan wanted everyone to know he's 4! (And he will NOT take that hat off his head!)

So grateful to have some fun times with mom and sisters. Distance may separate us, but our hearts are together forever! 


For the Love of Love Day

Hey, Monday, hey! It's no surprise to me that I'm just now writing this post at 3pm. I got home from Ohio on Friday night and Saturday, our friends from New York got here for a visit. We've been busy having fun all weekend!  

Today we've had a snow day, even though there is absolutely no snow falling. There's ice on the ground in some places, though, so we're home bound. Our friends sure had a good laugh this morning at the "snow day", especially since it hit -50 wind chill in NY over the weekend. 

Yesterday, we celebrated Valentine's with the whole gang. I'm a bit of a Valentine's crazy person and I love going all out. I was anxious for the boys to go to bed on Saturday night so I could prep the table. 
I tried to do as much non candy stuff as possible, with books, pencils and erasers being the focus. 

We didn't have much time before church for everyone to get their stuff opened since everyone snoozed late. I'm not a big sharer of pics of The Hubs sleeping, but they were just too cute to keep to myself! 
Sunday spread.
I made pink cinnamon buns with cake mix and they were not only really cute, but so good, too. I used this recipe from Love From The Oven and a basic milk/vanilla/powdered sugar icing. 
After church, we took our friends on a driving tour of Charlotte (since it was 25 and too cold to do too much) with a lunch stop at Bad Daddy's on the way. I love their create your own salad and ordered my own version of a bacon cheeseburger. Romaine, avocado, bacon, red onion, pepper jack cheese and a burger on top. I got some wonton strips, corn and black beans added for fun. They happened to have Birdsong Honey Pie IPA on tap, soooo, yeah. 
I had to grab a blurry pic of the man in his 1st Valentines bib before he spit up on it. Which happened right after this!
For dinner, I made pecan crusted chicken, gruyere potato stacks and green beans. The dessert was outsourced to BJs for their yummy strawberry shortcake. All was served on dollar spot paper plates since we were all too tired to wash dishes!

We plan to play tourist around the city for the rest of the week with our friends here and are crossing our fingers that it warms enough to go out on the lake! 

Hope you're Monday is going great and that you have good wine ready to watch The Bachelor tonight! 


Fashion || Pink and White

Happy Wednesday! I'm currently in Ohio freezing my butt off. I am such a southern girl and am not made for this brutal weather. I don't know how not one, but TWO of my sisters have decided to call this arctic tundra home! 

Here's a look I wore back at home in the mild winter weather last week. I bought this sweater after Lincoln was born for something new to feel good in and it's become a favorite of mine!

How to wear white skinny jeans in winter.
Pink sweater, white jeans

Pink sweater, white jeans, grey cross body
Phillip Lim for Target satchel
Lake Norman, Pink sweater, white jeans with boots

Lake Norman, Winter fashion

Sweater: Target, another version | Jeans: J. Crew | Boots: Old, very similar | Bag: Phillip Lim for Target, similar and on sale + extra discount with code STYLE | Necklace: Molly Suzanne 

Shop The Look:

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