Stilettos and Diapers: Baby Update: 4 Months Old!


Baby Update: 4 Months Old!

Little Lincoln is already 4 months old! He's really getting into the camera cheesing! 

This is the face he makes when he's cooing. He does it a lot and will copy someone if they start first. I LOVE it! It's so fun when they start interacting. 

4 month stats:

13lbs 14.5oz
25 3/4" 

He's not the greatest at all. He hates napping and usually only naps while I hold him or in his carseat by the microwave vent fan. He also loves to wake up every 1.5 or so hours at night lately. He's been super drooly, so maybe his teeth are bothering him? Regardless, I am SO TIRED. Sleep that interrupted is no bueno. He also hates the car and screams for the duration of nearly every ride and every day in the pickup line. After some tips from people on Instagram, I think we'll be trying the convertible seat pretty soon. 

Enough of the dislikes! He loves his new toys that he got for Christmas, especially the Fisher-Price Bright Beats toy. He's starting to hold onto rattles and light toys and can entertain himself for a little bit. He loves music, watching his brothers dance and being held! The day after Christmas, he rolled from his stomach to his back! When he's on his stomach, he can scoot himself quite far. I've seen him go about 2 feet! 

The sleepless nights are exhausting and my body is tired from lots of bouncing, but as he grows up, I realize even more how much I'll miss this! He's my last little one to snuggle and I can sleep when they're all teenagers. Hehe. 


  1. How adorable is he? I know how exhausting a non sleeping baby is, but I have to burst your bubble there's not sleeping with teenagers. Yes, they aren't up all night - they're out all night! Pick up times are 11pm and later. It's "not cool" to be the first one picked up, etc. Different exhaustion, but don't look forward to much sleep. The kicker is - you're up the next day bright and early and those teenagers that were up at the crack of dawn? Yeah, they sleep until like 11 now. However, it is not as exhausting as a newborn. It's just you're older when they're teenagers. Enjoy those baby snuggles, if I could go back for just one day of that with each of my kids. Why do we rush everything in life?


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