Stilettos and Diapers: Valentines Day Gift Guide


Valentines Day Gift Guide

I do love love day! I'm a complete sucker for going all out for themed holidays and Valentine's Day is just one of those good ones in my book! My house will be covered in pink and red and I'll have a table spread that will make me forget I'm the mom of 3 boys! While we're not big on gift giving, some things I just like to get for myself! And with 2 sisters that have Birthdays the week before Valentine's Day, I feel like they always get something with the love theme. Here are some favorites that I wouldn't mind having in my collection, if I don't already!
Valentines Day gift guide. Perfect Valentines Day gifts.

Do you give gifts for Valentine's Day? Do you hope your man gives you one this year? Send him this post so you can get something you love! My favorite gift this year would actually be that my little man's tooth comes through so I can sleep! Ahh, I forgot how difficult teething days could be! 

Happy Thursday!   

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  1. I love the MORE COFFEE shirt! and the pink hat!


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