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Easy School Lunches (For Picky Eaters)

Today is my second post in a fun Back To School series collaboration with CVS. Make sure you check out the first one here
Easy School Lunches, Simple Lunches to Pack via Stilettos and Diapers #CVSBackToSchool

I have a picky eater. He doesn't like melted cheese, sandwich crust, anything touching something else, most deli meat, 95% of the granola bars he's tasted, and much more. He does, however, like almost all fruits and vegetables and is a pretty healthy eater. The struggle here, is making school lunches that don't take an hour to get together. I posted about my Pick Your Own School Lunches, which are great for us. Sometimes, when I don't have the baskets ready, I want to make him a lunch, or we just don't have time for him to be picking, I have some staples that I go to. Here are some examples I packed the first week of school. 
School Lunch Ideas: DIY Lunchable

DIY Lunchables:

The turkey, cheese and cracker ones are easy to put together and easy to replicate. I add in some veggies or fruit and a little drink yogurt to boost the protein. My kids only like thin sliced turkey, (honey maple Applegate to be exact) so it's easier to roll it instead of cutting. 
DIY Lunchable

Sandwiches Shapes:

No, I don't have time for food art, but a good sandwich cutter is sometimes the difference in eating or not. It takes less time than to cut the crust off, which is the only way most kids I know will eat a sandwich, and for some reason, a dinosaur tastes better than a square. 
Sandwich shapes

Picnic Lunch:

In the summer, we often sit outside with a big variety of fruits, veggies, cheese cubes, nuts and crackers and eat up. This makes a great school lunch as well and I use silicone muffin cups to keep everything separated. 
Easy School Lunch, Picnic lunch

Thermos Meals:

This one is new to us last year, but worked great, especially in the winter. Soup, mac-n-cheese and leftover taco meat to eat with tortilla chips all work great in a thermos. 

I used all these Gold Emblem Abound products in last week's school lunches. I love that I can trust that the line is made from simple ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or flavors. It's also great that I can grab them quickly from CVS and that my really kids love them! A favorite is the mixed fruit crisps, which are not just great for lunches, but snacking or satisfying a sweet tooth. I'm so glad my kids will eat the raw almonds since they're such a great source of protein. I love keeping this handy resealable bag in the car, too, since there is always someone who is hungry. Including me! 
Easy School Lunch with Gold Emblem Abound Products, #CVSBackToSchool

Lunch packing essentials: 

Sometimes, lunch packing is more about presentation than anything else. My 2nd grader refuses sandwiches, but if it's a fluffer nutter cut into a dinosaur, it gets eaten for some reason. Here are some of my favorite things to use for lunches. 

Toothpicks: The ones with the colorful ends are especially fun. Try making little kabobs, sticking through turkey and cheese, or veggies for added interest. 

Silicone Muffin Cups: These add color and keep everything separated. Just make sure to tell your kids that they aren't disposable! 

Sandwich Cutters: These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and usually make one sandwich into 2 shapes. 

Fun Boxes: These don't have to be fancy. The blue one seen above was $1 and has Avengers on the lid.

Hope these tips help you with the ever daunting task of school lunch packing and that you get to CVS to try some products from the fantastic Gold Emblem Abound line! 

Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the Back to School Healthy Essentials campaign. I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers. 


Fashion || Fall Transition: 38 Weeks Pregnant (and a giveaway!)

It's been cool here in the mornings, making me want all the fall things. I've thrown on cooler weather clothing every morning this week, only to be dying of sweat by afternoon. I'm going to enjoy the warm summer days a bit longer, with some of my fall transition staples. I got these jeans from J. Jill for post baby and I had to wear them. Granted, they're completely unbuttoned, but they're so comfy now that I know they'll be great in a couple weeks. 
Maternity Fall Transition

Military vest, maternity
Vest, Jeans, 38 Weeks pregnant
Leopard flats, Leopard sneakers
Maternity style, military vest

The hubs snapped this picture just as I thought we were finished and I said, "that's probably the last of the bump date pictures!" Haha. Can't believe it! 
Stilettos and Diapers

Vest: Avery Lane Boutique, sold out, similar | Jeans: J. Jill ℅ (mine are petite) | Tee: old, similar | Watch: Michael Kors | Shoes: Target, sold out, similar | Nails: Butter London (color: Statement Piece) | Earrings: Molly Suzanne 

Shop the look:
This really may be the last bump date! Unless I go to next Friday and get ambitious enough to take more pictures! 

How Far Along: 38 weeks 
Size of baby: About 22", 6.8lbs. My dr is guessing #Wbaby3 will be 7.5lbs at birth.   
Total Weight Gain: 25lbs I went down a pound this week. So weird!
Maternity Clothes: Mix, non are maternity in this post. 
Gender: Boy 
Movement: Yep! Getting slower as I assume he's getting more squished. 
Sleep: Good. Not loving the 6:30am wake up call for school prep, though. 
What I miss: Now that we're just a week away, I want all. the. wine. 
Cravings: Watermelon.
Symptoms: Contractions, low pressure and now some back pain. All signs in the right direction, though. 
What I’m looking forward to: My sweet little man! 

In preperation for my sweet little man and with school starting this week, I'm stockpiling the coffee! Ha! Seattle's Best Coffee sent me this Parents-Only Back-To-School Survival Kit a couple weeks ago. Coffee, mugs, a backpack, magnetic weekly planner and a Tile finder. Which, you can put on your keys and find them if they get lost. Ahem, hubs. I had just bought him one a few weeks ago after he lost his keys and now I have one on my keychain! 

So basically, the kit is awesome and you can win yourself one this weekend with the widget below! Take this fun quiz with BuzzFeed and Seattle's Best Coffee to see what kind of back-to-school parent you are!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Friday, y'all!


Behind The Baby Name

What's in a name? A story of some sort. A character from your favorite tv show. A moment when you saw it in the baby book and just knew. A family name that was always part of the plan.

What's in baby #3's name? A story there, too. See, we were on the fence about the name for quite a while, since it breaks the "C" trend we unintentionally started. We loved the name, but I felt guilty about not using a C name. Would he feel left out? Unloved? Then, I got a couple funny faces when we told people the name we were thinking. From then on, we decided it will be a secret, outside of family and a few close friends. 

It's so hard to name a baby. It has to be a good kid name, but also something that will be good for a grown-up. I want my boys to have respect if they choose to be big corporate guys and not be embarrassed by their very child appropriate name. 

So this way, no one will give their opinions, at least not to our face. Haha. We love the name. Like, really love it. Paired with a family middle name, I couldn't be more confident with our choice. Now since we've gotten things monogrammed and personalized, I'm seeing the name more, of course!

And now I can't wait to share it with you all when he gets here! Which will be 9 days or less. OMG. For now, I'll give you a sneak in his monogram! 


Bella Tunno: Best Picks for Baby

Recently, I worked with Bella Tunno to pick out some of my favorite items for baby! I'm totally loving all the bright colors their pieces bring into a nursery as well as the amazing quality of their products. These are a few of my favorite things!

Ever search for a pacifier for what seemed like hours? Well, to help solve that problem, check out the Pacifier Lovey. They are a little square of soft fabric that your baby can hold onto and they hook onto all different kinds of passies. 
Bella Tunno Pacifier Holder

I love monthly pictures of babies to keep track of their growth. This Milestone Sticker Set comes with a onesie that you can put on your baby each month and get a picture with the monthly sticker. 
Onesie monthly sticker set

Can you tell I have a grey thing going on for baby #3?! This Diaper Bag is super cute, perfect for either gender and has a fun yellow polyester lining that you can wipe out. A parent pouch and bright yellow changing pad are also included, along with pockets especially for bottles, diapers and wipes. 
Bella Tunno Diaper Bag, Grey Stripe Diaper Bag

Grey Diaper Bag Yellow Interior

The Favorite Blanket is the perfect size for a swaddle, or to use just as a blanket. It's 100% cotton and super soft. 

Last but not least, how cute is this guy? The Poetic Plush Doll is available in different animals with different inspiring words. The giraffe is 18" tall and says believe on him. He's already adding his pop of color to baby W's crib!
Baby Plush Giraffe
On top of offering great quality baby products, they are big on giving back. For each item you purchase, they give a meal to an American in need. I love supporting companies that are doing bigger things with their profits than just pocketing them. 

Many of the Bella Tunno products come packaged in gift boxes (as seen on the blankets and bibs) which makes a really nice gift. They also have many other products that you should check out. If you're shopping for your own baby, or for a gift, take a look at Bella Tunno


Weekend Wrap-up

I shed some tears this weekend, for sure. I'm just having a hard time letting my baby go back to school. I'm sure the pregnancy hormones are making it a bit tougher and I'm feeling guilty that I won't be able to be there as much for him as I'd like to be in the next few weeks with baby coming. But, he's super excited, so I'm trying to put a brave mom face on for him and encourage him as much as I can! 

This is from earlier in the week, but a friend and I went out on the boat with our boys and stopped to get lunch. It was still a bit earlier than lunch time, so it was basically empty there. The boys grabbed their shirley temples and sat at the bar so they could watch ESPN. It was like we were watching a scene from their college days. Haha. 
Callan has been hesitant to jump in the water at all this year. Not in the pool or the lake. He got on the diving board about 100 times the other day, then stepped off as soon as anyone else wanted a turn. Well, Saturday, we were on the boat with some friend's and their little girl jumped right off the back of the boat. Callan walked right behind here and jumped right off! I couldn't believe it! He was unstoppable then and I had to capture it on video. 


I haven't been great about my bump pictures. I miss about every other week, but I got a little bit late 37 week picture. It's amazing how huge I look compared to the first one I took at 4 weeks! 
I did a ton of food prep yesterday. With the start of school, the hubs eating healthy and a baby any day, I'm trying to stay on top of things! Chopped veggies, fruits, boiled eggs and grilled chicken help to make life a little easier during the week!
We celebrated the night before school with coke floats. It was the boys first time having them and they were in love. Notice Callan's forehead? He had a collision with his bunk bed on Friday. The biggest and darkest goose egg I've ever seen and I was a wreck taking care of him. Kid didn't even cry over it. After about 40 minutes of ice, he was already standing on the arm of the couch. He's my wild one for sure! 

Then today, we sent our big boy off to his first day of second grade.

I cried a lot last night. I tried, really, but man, I'm going to miss him. Yes, it's harder having 2 kids at home all day, breaking up fights and trying to keep them entertained, but I would take that any day over not being with him. He just has a heart of gold, this one. And now I'm crying more, so I'm going to stop. Going to enjoy these last few solo days with Callan and we're going to go walk this baby out!


Fashion || Neutrals: 37 Weeks Pregnant

I made it to 37 weeks and school orientation! My goal has always been for Cooper to start school, then I'm ready. Since that day is next week, I wouldn't be surprised if baby decides to show up soon after that. I need a hair cut in a bad way, but I got it colored! No grey for this birth! (I was seriously dramatic about my hair when I had Callan) Haha. If I make it to next Friday, I'll have a fresh trim to go along with it. 
37 weeks pregnant, boyfriend jeans and heels
tassel necklace, crossbody bag
Report zipper heels, Rack Room Shoes
Tassel Necklace

Detail back sweater
What to wear 37 weeks pregnant
Boyfriend jeans, cream sweater, tan heels
Top: Daily Chic | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Rack Room Shoes | Necklace: Old, similar | Bag: JustFab | Nails: Butter London (Color is Statement Piece)

Shop The Look:
How Far Along: 37 weeks 
Size of baby: About 22", 6.5lbs is average. Last week, #Wbaby3 was just 5lbs 1oz, so I'm guessing he isn't quite to 6 now. I went shopping for lots of newborn clothes last week, so we're ready. I've never had a baby in newborn size! 
Total Weight Gain: 26lbs 
Maternity Clothes: Mix, non are maternity in this post. 
Gender: Boy 
Movement: Plenty of reassuring kicks!
Sleep: Pretty good. Finally having to go to the bathroom about once a night on a regular basis. 
What I miss: I'm ready for a big glass of cab on the deck!  
Cravings: Seltzer. Deer Park black cherry is my jam this week. 
Symptoms: Lots of low pressure. Enough to make me wonder if we're going to make it to September! 
What I’m looking forward to: Baby! 2 weeks or less now!

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is full of fun happenings and lots of relaxing!


1st Day of School Wear

First, we have to talk about how we're talking about back to school already. How some kids are already back to school. Where did the summer go? I don't like it. Not one single bit! 

I wanted to show off Cooper's new back to school outfit and shoes, so I asked him to put it on for some pictures. Well, Callan had to have his done in his new garb as well, so he joined the party. I got the obligatory shots and Cooper wasn't too happy about his cuffed jean getup. It basically showed in the pictures. 

Fast forward a few days, when we're at Target and Cooper goes crazy over an athletic outfit with a baseball reference. He is into all things baseball right now and is sure he is going to play in the MLB when he grows up. At first, I wanted to say no, that he couldn't wear something so casual for his first day of school, but he was so happy. When I see pictures of other boys his age going back to school, they're all wearing dry fit, comfortable things. Guess my days of dressing my big boy are over, but I'll trade them for the happiness of him choosing for himself. 

Here's to second grade! 
Second Grade pictures

Too cool for school
Athletic wear, Rack Room Shoes
These green Reebok were Coop's final choice of shoes from our Rack Room Shoes shopping trip recently. He calls them his "cleat" shoes and has been wearing them constantly. And let me just brag, because he's mastered shoe tying in just 3 days! I'm SO proud of him! 
Athletic shoes, Rack Room Shoes
This is the original outfit I had picked out, and while he's completely handsome, he just isn't as happy with a collar and buttons as he is in comfy clothes! 
FabKids Jeans
Callan just wants to be like Cooper and is always happy to pose, especially in his new Paw Patrol shoes and FabKids outfit! 
Paw Patrol Shoes FabKids Outfit

Paw Patrol Shoes Rack Room Shoes

1st day of school wear with Rack Room Shoes

Sneakers from Rack Room Shoes

SECOND GRADE! Here he comes! 
First day of 2nd Grade
Cooper's Casual Outfit: Top and Bottom: Target | Shoes: Rack Room Shoes 
Dressy Outfit: Jeans: FabKids | Top: Carters 


Baby Prep: What To Pack for the Hospital

I just finished packing my hospital bag for the 3rd time. After bringing a lot of unnecessary things, as well as wishing I had others, I feel like this is the first time I will be completely prepared. I just can't believe I will be a mom of 3 so soon! 


Diaper Bag - This is my first backpack diaper bag and I love it. All the pockets! All the room! None of the lopsided weight! 

Going home outfit - I'm a huge fan of Carter's clothing for babies. It's just seems like the comfiest stuff, it's very cute and great prices. The going home outfit is really personal preference, from a cute set, to a simple sleeper

Blankets - You'll use these for everything from warmth for baby, to covering while nursing, wiping spit up and everything in between. I really like the lightweight muslim ones. 

Diapers and Wipes - My favorite diapers are the Huggies with the little cutout for the umbilical cord. Until that thing falls off, these diapers make life much easier. 

Hats - If you know your babies name before you go to the hospital, go ahead and order a personalized one from Sassy Baby Essentials! I have one and can't wait to put it on little man and reveal his name!

Nightgowns - I love the nightgowns for babies. They're so easy to change their diapers in the middle of the night without worrying about snapping up all those buttons. 

Swaddle - They didn't have these cute swaddle blankets when my first was born and I sure wish they did! Every baby I've known loves a good swaddle since it makes them feel like they're still snug in the womb. My favorite is the Halo brand and they come in all different materials and patterns. 

Carseat - I'm going with a Maxi-Cosi, light weight infant seat for baby #3. I have heavy babies, so I need the seat to at least cut me some slack!

Carseat Protector - Go ahead and install this right under any carseat. You'll tighten those buckles down so tight that your seats will never be the same. We have 3 in our car and they'll leave when the carseats do. 

Mom's Bag

Robe - Something cotton, comfortable and colorful. I love this one from Victoria's Secret

Slippers - You don't want to walk barefoot in the hospital. Bring a pair of your favorite slippers plus a pair of flip flops for trips to the bathroom. 

Nursing Pads - I usually use the Lansinoh brand, but these heart shaped ones are too cute! 

Lanolin - You're going to want this if you plan to breastfeed. Breastfeeding isn't the most 
comfortable thing, initially, but this stuff works like magic. It's not worth suffering when this stuff works so well! 

Nursing Bra - I've tried several and my fave is from Target and it's $17. You really can't beat it! 

Nursing Tank - I lived in a white one of these with a cardigan over it after I had my second born. This time around, I added 2 colors to the mix.

Pajamas - With 2 c-sections, I can say I prefer a dress to shorts immediately after birth. I know a lot of people stay in their hospital gown, but I prefer something of my own. In my opinion, a button down sleep shirt is your best bet. 

Cotton Panties - If you have some you don't mind ruining, bring them. But if you keep a drawer of Victoria's Secrets, go grab a pack of cheap cotton panties. 

Belly Bandit - This is something I'm really looking forward to using this time around. You're supposed to put it on pretty immediately after birth, so it will need to go to the hospital with you. It helps shrink your belly, accelerates healing and provides support if you have a c-section. 

Beauty Essentials

Makeup - With the amount of pictures you'll be in, you're going to want your makeup. Even if it's only mascara and lip gloss. 

Face Wipes - You may not want to shower, but you will sure want to freshen up. Grab a package of the easy to use face wipes and you won't be sorry. 

Chapstick - Hospitals are insanely dry, so you'll want this right at your bedside. 

Dry Shampoo - I washed my hair 3 times in labor with my first. I had the longest labor in all of life. But in reality, that will never happen again and I'll just spot treat. 

Pads - They will give you some in the hospital, but they're awful and you may as well be wearing your baby's diaper. I suggest the ultra thin overnights with wings instead. 

Dad's Bag

Toiletries - I had the hubs just throw his travel kit in the suitcase already. When they're at the hospital for days as well, they're going to want a toothbrush. 

Change of clothes - For if they stay overnight with you in the hospital. 

Slippers/socks - They will be the ones going to ask the nurse a question for you in the middle of the night and some slippers or socks are much more convenient than lacing up their shoes. 


Camera and battery charger - This will be my first baby with my "fancy camera" so I'm hoping to get some great shots in the hospital!  

Headphones - If you're in labor, music is a perfect distraction. I listed to Lil Wayne for hours during labor. 

Phone and charger - Because you'll be ready to shout the good news from the rooftops!

That was really long, I know! Hopefully it helps some of you new mamas get ready for baby! 

Did I leave out anything you packed as an essential? 


Post Baby Wish List

Getting so close to my due date, my focus has shifted from things I need now, to things I may need after baby is born. I know I want some new clothes to feel a bit more "normal" after getting home. 

I'm looking at all the fall things, nursing friendly button downs and comfortable basics. Good thing loose fitting clothing is totally in for fall, because it's about all I'll be wearing for awhile!
I'd like to think I could rock sweats for a couple months, but with school starting, fall baseball and visitors, I want to have pieces that I feel good in, but also look put together. 

What were your favorite things to wear after your baby was born?


Fashion || Fall Transition and School Orientation

With school just 1 week away here, I'm starting to get into fall mode. No, I'm not exactly ready for it, but I do like the idea of being able to layer the clothing on with the arrival of baby #3 soon. 

This is my look for school orientation this year. I think it says "I'm casual enough to sit on the floor and help in your class." It also says "please don't make me get messy or do things involving finger paints." Hahaha
Jeans, White Tee, Gingham Shirt
I sure do love a good gingham and this top from J. Jill is a perfect transition piece. It doesn't exactly work with the baby bump now, but will be perfect to wear while nursing. And I love adding the pop of checks to this otherwise basic jeans and tee outfit. 
Gingham, Backpack
Maternity Style, Gingham, Jeans, Booties
Yes, I am carrying my new diaper bag on the regular already! How cute is this backpack from TWELVElittle? It is so great to fit all my stuff, places for the boys drinks on the side and little pockets everywhere. 
TWELVElittle Diaper Bag Backpack

Karen Walker Sunglasses
And my favorite part of any outfit…the shoes! Booties are so versatile and essential for transition to fall. I just got these at Rack Room Shoes and earned my reward! You get $15 gift card every time you spend $200! 
Fall Transition Booties
Gingham Top
White Tee, Gingham, Jeans
Top: Target | Gingham: J. Jill  | Jeans: Old Navy | Backpack: TWELVElittle  | Booties: Rack Room Shoes | Sunnies: Karen Walker via Ditto (Netflix for sunglasses! Use STILETTODIAPERS for a free month!)

Here are some other cute bootie choices I debated about before settling on the Limelight Kendra I'm wearing with this outfit. 

What is your favorite fall transition piece? Do you have booties that you wear year round? 
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