Stilettos and Diapers: Baby Update: 3 Months Old


Baby Update: 3 Months Old

My happy boy just turned 3 months old! 

3 month stats:

Weight: 12lbs 15oz (up 2 lbs in 1 month!)

Eating: Nursing exclusively, every 3-4 hours, sometimes going 5-6 at night.

Sleeping: Pretty good! I got 8 hours of sleep one day last week. It was epic. Typically he's up twice a night, which I would really like to get down to 1. He's sleeping in his swing, but whatever works, right?

Likes: The Christmas tree is his new favorite. He will sit in the mamaroo and stare at the glow. Can't say that I blame him for that! He loves the mirror in front of his car seat and that keeps him happy almost all the way to Target. No further, I assure you. He does like looking at toys that make noise and move and loves music!

Dislikes: Still hates sleeping flat and is a big challenge in the car. Almost everywhere I go, I'm reaching back holding in his passie, rubbing his head, or holding his hand. He's not having it. 

New this month: The smiles have turned into lots of cooing and "talking". My favorite is when he talks to his brothers. So sweet! He's also getting really into looking at things. He's much more aware of things around him. He has a toy bar that he lays under on the floor and he's started batting at the toys with his hands and feet. He still loves being outside, even when it's cold. 

I'm so excited to celebrate Lincoln's first Christmas!


  1. He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to see him in all his Christmas glory!

    Lauren :)

  2. He is so cute! My 3 month old hates the car too. I'm glad my car is small enough I can reach back & hold his hand. That seems to help for a minute or two at least. I try to only venture out when he's tired enough to sleep once the car is moving!

  3. Happy 3 months to your little boy!! He's looking so much like his older brothers already :)

  4. Oh my goodness! He is so cute!
    I started following your blog while I was on bed rest (3 weeks before my daughter was born) and she is just a week older than your sweetie! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and it has been a big inspiration for me! You are actually part of the reason that I started blogging again! Thank you!

  5. He looks just like your middle boy. TWINS!!!!!!!!


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