Stilettos and Diapers: A Little Fashion || Rad To The Bone


A Little Fashion || Rad To The Bone

This wild one of mine is always happy for a new outfit and to "take pictures like mom". Cooper went through a happy to pose phase, too, but has turned a bit camera shy. I just love having all the cute pictures to look back on!

I've been really happy with all the FabKids outfits we've gotten, including this one. They're stylish, affordable and you don't see tons of other kids in the same thing. I've also discovered that the quality is great, sine Callan is now wearing a lot of the outfits Cooper has passed down. They're having an end of season clearance sale right now, if you need to stock up for your littles! 

Today started week 2 of school break and also like the 4th day everyone slept passed 8. It's quite miraculous. Now if my baby would just start sleeping longer periods at night, I might feel rested. 

Happy Monday! 

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