Stilettos and Diapers: 30 Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas + Gift Card Giveaway!


30 Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas + Gift Card Giveaway!

Non candy stocking stuffer ideas. #FindYourHealthy

I don't know about you, but my pantry is overflowing with candy. We still have Easter and Halloween candy and now are on the verge of Christmas candy overload. The kids get it from everywhere this time of year, it seems, and it's the last thing they actually need. It's usually a go to for stockings, with aisles and aisles of tree shaped, santa wrapped sweet stuff. Now, there's nothing wrong with that and I do love those Reeses that are shaped like snowboarding snowmen. But what I really like, is stuffing my kids stockings with things that are far more useful and healthier, with a little side of sugar. 

If you're stumped, here are some suggestions:
  1. Crayons
  2. Matchbox cars
  3. Socks
  4. Coloring books
  5. Band-aids
  6. Toothbrush
  7. Toothpaste
  8. Stickers
  9. Chapstick
  10. Glow sticks
  11. Vitamins
  12. Flossers
  13. Headbands/Hair Ties
  14. Playdoh
  15. Puzzles
  16. Pencils
  17. Erasers
  18. Dried fruit
  19. Glue sticks
  20. Markers
  21. Earbuds
  22. Baseball cards
  23. Expandable rag/towel
  24. Bubbles
  25. Nail polish
  26. Nightlight
  27. Word game book
  28. Flashlight
  29. Popcorn
  30. Gift card
We have, for a few years now, shopped at CVS for stocking stuffers. I got nearly everything on my idea list when The Hubs and I went on our Christmas shopping date. They have a really good selection and lots of healthier options, plus the Whitmans Sampler that I always hope to find under the tree. All about that healthy balance! I don't know about your kids, but mine are just as over the moon about new gummy vitamins as they are about their marshmallow santa. 
Non candy stocking stuffer ideas. #FindYourHealthy

Stilettos and Diapers: Non candy stocking stuffer ideas. #FindYourHealthyStill need to stuff your stockings? Enter below to win a $50 CVS gift card!

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Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the #FindYourHealthy campaign. 
I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers. 


  1. I have tried Gold Emblem products and love the Banana Chips!

  2. I have tried Gold Emblum products. I love their gummy bears!

  3. I have tried their products, I like their trail mixes.

  4. I have not tried these products yet.

  5. Betsy Rubendall Barnes
    bbpinktaz60 (at) gmail (dot)

    Yes, we have tried the CVS Gold Emblem Abound products. My family's favorite are the CVS Gold Emblem Abound Unsalted Whole Cashews :)

  6. I have not tried any of their product line, though, the Gold Emblem Abound Berries & Nut Clusters look really good.

  7. I like the Gold Emblem chocolate chip cookies. I think they are better then name brand.

  8. I have not tried any Gold Emblem product yet but I am interested in trying them!

  9. I have not tried the Gold Emblem Abound products as of yet.

  10. No, I've never tried any of the Gold Emblem Abound products before but would like to!

  11. I have not tried any of the Gold Emblem products.. would love to try some of the different nuts though.

  12. I have not tried them but I would love to. ty.

  13. I like Gold Emblem Abound Baked Rice Crisps.

  14. I haven't tried Golden Emblem but I look forward to it.

  15. I've tried many of the Golden Emblem products and have been satisfied with all of them.

  16. I like the Gold Emblem mixed nuts.

  17. Oh those are all great ideas! I still need to pick up a few stuffers! I have not tried the Gold Emblem before, but really need to.

  18. No I haven't tried them, but I love trying new products!

  19. I have. I like their popcorn. I have a few bags in the pantry right now.

  20. No I haven't tried any of these products yet.
    I want to get the almonds soon.
    thank you

  21. I have tried them..I like their trail mixes

  22. Yes hubby loves their almonds!

  23. I've tried them and like their nuts :)

  24. I've tried their cinnamon powder and love using it on oatmeal!

  25. I don't think I have tried these yet!

  26. I have and I love all of their cookies.

  27. No, I haven't tried the Gold Emblum products yet.

  28. I have not as yet tried Gold Emblem Abound products.

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  29. I have not tried their products.

  30. I have not tried them.



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