Stilettos and Diapers: Paw Patrol Party!


Paw Patrol Party!

Paw Patrol Birthday Party with food, tablescape, goodie bag ideas and free printables.

Callan had such a fun 4th Birthday party! It was his first friend party and my hardest time to prep. Having just had a baby, I didn't have the energy to do as much planning and prepping as I like to. Thank goodness that he chose a theme that was so easy right now, with tons of party stuff available! I did a Mustache Bash before mustaches were the thing, a Ninja Turtle party right before the new movie came out and a Disney Cars and Toy Story party far passed it's prime. Needless to say, I was ready for a pretty easy party and that's just what this one was. 

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

I got the cake at Target and they had 2 different Paw Patrol options.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

My first attempt at royal icing was on the paw and bone cookies. It was a bit time consuming, but so fun! And now that I have the hang of it, I will absolutely be making them in the future. I think they look so professional.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Food, Tablescape

Along with the cookies, I made "puppy chow" chex mix and a tray of "ruff-age". 

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Food Ideas

We had a hot dog bar on the table, with chili in the crock pot. I forgot to chop the onion at the last minute!

Paw Patrol Birthday Party, Hot Dog Bar

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

We served the pup-corn in the dog bowls covered with bones, just like the cookies and puppy chow.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Food Ideas

Since Callan is really into Paw Patrol, he of course had lots of toys to help decorate. I put out almost all the toys he had, which made for great decorations.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Puppy Chow Food

Paw Patrol Birthday Party paw and bone cookies

Paw Patrol Birthday Party food

I hit the jackpot at Dollar Tree and Walmart for the goodie bags. Molded crayons, bracelets, cups, stickers, puzzles and play packs were all inside.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party goodie bags

I topped the bag with these printables that I could put everyones name on.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party doggie bags

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Goodie Bags

The party was a complete success! Especially for my big 4 year old! 

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Here are all the details of where things are from, in case you're party planning! 

Doggie Bag Printable: Free via Nick Jr
Food Tents: Free Printable via Delicate Construction (She has other Paw Patrol printables, too!)
Paw and bone cookie cutters: Walmart, also available from Amazon
Bone dog bowls: Dollar Tree 
Table cloth, plates, napkins and banner: Walmart

Goodie Bags Fillers:
Cups, bracelets and play packs: Walmart
Puzzles, stickers and molded crayons: Dollar Tree

Amazon, my BFF, has tons of options for a Paw Patrol party, too:


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  3. These are great photos. It looks like it was a fun party! Feel free to check out these Free Paw Patrol Party Printables over at my blog as well.


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