Stilettos and Diapers: Cleaning Tips for New Moms


Cleaning Tips for New Moms

It's a week before Thanksgiving and I'm in mad cleaning mode. There will be 16 people here for the holidays this year and the prepping is intense. Add in a new baby who really loves constant momma snuggles and you can imagine how much is getting done! 

Cleaning is something that I really enjoy. I function so much better when my house is clean and I feel so productive after I've cleaned up. I'm a big fan of my cleaning schedule and keeping my house in a constant clean. But, since having Lincoln, a lot of the cleaning has fallen by the wayside. It's a struggle to keep up with it all right now! Here are some things that are helping me stay sane when my house can't be perfect. 

Make a list of the most important things that need to be done. Laundry and dishes are always top of the list, since they're necessities. Don't stress over the dust on your fans or handprints on your windows!

Toy Storage
My boys toys are never in the playroom. They take over my entire house. When we moved here, we bought a coffee table that's also a chest. The Hubs just told me a few days ago that it's the best investment we ever made. Hehe. It's so easy to throw the stuff in there and they don't complain about having to haul it all upstairs. I just clean it out every few months when it starts to get full.

Laundry Baskets
Every family member has their own laundry basket here. That way, if I don't get the laundry folded for a few days (or weeks) people can still find their clothes. It works great for our family. 

Clean 1 space
If there is somewhere I can go that is clean in my house, it's a big exhale for me. My front living room is rarely used and always a nice spot to go nurse away from the mess. I also try to keep one bathroom clean, so I can direct guests to the one without a ring in the toilet. 

Pick Your Poison
Everyone has something that makes them crazy if it's not done. Mine are the floors. When my floors are clean, I think it makes a big difference in the look of the house. Since I have kids, there are crumbs everywhere. All the time. I usually sweep at least a couple times a day in the "problem areas". Problem is, we have dark hardwood on the entire downstairs of our house and it shows everything. Since it normally takes me an hour to clean the floors, I needed another solution. 

Introducing my new best friend:

The Hoover Cordless 2-in-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum. It's been amazing over the past couple weeks and I can finally have my floors looking clean without being such a pain. 

This is the spot my boys always eat = problem area #1.
The crumbs below that island are insane. This was just after breakfast one morning. If I go all day without sweeping, it looks like I've never cleaned the floors at all. 
My new Hoover is cordless, has a hardwood setting and turns on a dime, making it so easy to clean. I can hit under the island and the table in a couple minutes and do the whole downstairs in about 15. A switch changes it from hardwood to carpet setting, so I can run it over my rugs without missing a beat. 

It also has the removable handheld vacuum that pops right out to use in corners and under my couch cushions. I love how light it is, how easy it is to maneuver and how well it works. I can do my whole downstairs on one charge and just put the lithium battery on the charger to be ready for the next day. The battery fits with any of Hoover's 3 cordless vacuums and their cordless hard floor wet cleaner.
I really think this one should go on the baby registry. It's exactly what this mama needed to be able to have my space a bit cleaner, even in the midst of this boy filled house! 

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