Stilettos and Diapers: Stylish Deals and Steals


Stylish Deals and Steals

I'm always on the hunt for stylish new clothes that don't break the bank. I love shopping at Target, Forever 21, H&M and other stores that have trendy pieces at lower cost. The reality is, I won't be wearing it for many seasons and I don't need expensive things. On the other hand, there is something to be said for quality. Sometimes, things look and feel much better when you splurge a bit. 

But back to money saving, I was in Old Navy yesterday and I couldn't believe how many things they had that I wanted! I occasionally buy things at Old Navy, but hadn't been in awhile. I found so many things that I loved that were just really good prices and I had to share! 

Honestly, I get really annoyed at all the exceptions to their online discounts. Not the sale prices, but if you go to apply a discount code, there are so many *does not apply to everyday deals, today only deals, hot steals* or whatever other weird lingo they have. I have bought things online and was able to use the coupons sometimes, but it's frustrating at other times. I did get an email about some good savings online. 25% off your order, 30% off orders of $75 or more and 40% off orders of $100 or more with code GETMORE. Everything I bought was excluded from the code, but you may be getting things that aren't! I also found 30% off clearance through 11/17 with code ENJOY. A lot of things are already on sale, though, so the prices are great!

I do love the kids stuff they have and often stock up, especially on comfy pieces, for my boys. Here are some good things they have right now. I LOVE the double layer onesie!

Are you an Old Navy fan?


  1. I never used to be a huge fan of old navy, but I feel like they've really stepped up their game, both in their clothing style, quality, and deals! I bought a bunch of stuff this year for both myself and my boys!

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with Old Navy. The quality and the sizing can vary SO much! But returns are easy, so I usually buy a bunch of things when they're deeply discounted and then only keep the true winners.

  3. All my maternity wear came from Old Navy...their pants are amazing! I've been an Old Navy shopper for the longest time but for awhile, I think they lost themselves. Now they have some really great, stylish things. The baby clothes tend to run small.


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