Stilettos and Diapers: Celebration of Life


Celebration of Life

The past several days have been a bit of a whirlwind. My grandma passed away on Thursday. She had fallen a few days before and it wasn't looking good for her. I decided to make the drive down to Savannah with Lincoln so that she could meet him, in case it was the end. I left Thursday morning and I wasn't gone more than an hour before I got the call that she was gone. I was so sad that I didn't make it to say goodbye, but grateful that I had gotten to talk to her on the phone the day before. 

This was us at almost this exact time last year, when we stayed with her at Tybee Beach. 

She will surely be missed, as evidence of how many people gathered together to celebrate her life. My mom, sisters and I spent several hours going through her old pictures, love notes and journals and it made me want to write. I love that she had gathered all of her memories so that we got to experience them, too. She had an amazing life, that had a ton of love in it and now she is at peace with Jesus. 

Although the reasons were sad, it was really nice to see family. My dad and 3 of my siblings hadn't met Lincoln yet, so we were all glad they got to see him before Thanksgiving. The kids were all a little ray of sunshine over the weekend. Lincoln had smiled once ever before the trip, but the first morning we were there, he gave my sweet momma these grins thatI know she needed.

We had to get some pictures together, even though we had cried all our makeup off. My sisters, brother and I sang at the service, so that made me hold it together for awhile, but afterwards, it was waterworks.

Before we left last night, my parents grabbed a cake for Callan. His Birthday is in 5 days and it was great to have a little celebration with the family! 

Times like these just make you want to hold everyone a little bit closer and gives you a bigger appreciation for life. Don't miss a chance to tell the people you love how much they mean to you. My to-do list has more snuggles and less cleaning in it this week for sure! 


  1. Sorry for your loss, Molly. Love the picture of Lincoln smiling!

  2. So sorry for your loss! Losing loved ones does definitely make you cherish every moment you have with your family and friends! Your little Lincoln is so cute and that smile is just the sweetest!

  3. So sorry for you! Praying for peace & grace.


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