Stilettos and Diapers: Happy Hallo-WINE!


Happy Hallo-WINE!

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Boo Your Neighbors Idea Halloween

Have you ever boo'd your neighbors or friends? It's a ton of fun and you shouldn't miss out on it! Last year, one of my neighbors started the boo-ing and it was so fun to participate for my first time! The goal is to cover your neighborhood with the Halloween spirit. You get a gift and secretly leave it on 2 neighbors porches with directions to pass the boo along. (I like the ring and run method!) Everyone hangs a sign up so you can easily tell who's house has been hit. Then, watch every day to see how quickly your neighborhood get's covered. It's so much fun and brings a little unity to your neighborhood. 

This year, I wanted to mix it up a bit. The kids get all the fun on Halloween, typically. Us adults get whatever candy we can sneak out of their buckets while they're sleeping. That is, if they ever go to sleep after the sugar high.

After walking around the neighborhood for a couple hours, then dealing with sugared up kids, what's better than a glass of wine? A glass of wine and a yummy snack!

My boo basket this year includes Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay and a gourmet trail mix that will balance out the candy you stole from your kids bucket. 
Boo Your Neighbors Idea Halloween

I think a lot of people think of trail mix as something to take hiking, or for super hippy folks. No so! Trail mix is a great snack for anytime, especially on the go. It can easily be eaten while walking around the neighborhood on Halloween night and it's a breeze to make.
Gourmet Trail Mix
Gourmet Trail Mix
1 cup sesame sticks
1 cup yogurt covered raisins
1 cup dark chocolate covered espresso beans
1 cup cinnamon sugar pecans 
1 cup pretzels (I used sticks broken in half)
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

Mix in a large bowl and you're ready to serve! I bought packages of Halloween treat bags and this recipe filled 4 of them halfway. I attached hanging chalkboard tags to the baggies and used those to hang right off the wine bottles.
Robert Mondavi Hallowine
Robert Mondavi Halloween

Since this whole process is a bit of a covert operation, you'll need to explain yourself in a note. Here is the one I made. Feel free to click on it and print for your own use!
Boo Your Neighbors Idea Halloween
From 10/1 - 11/30, you can get instant coupons or mail in rebates hanging off bottles of Robert Mondavi Private Selection wines. So no excuses, grab a few bottles and get to BOO-ing your friends this Halloween! 
Boo Your Neighbors Idea Halloween
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